Loyola University of Maryland Visit

Avast Security Blogger, 12 September 2011

Loyola University of Maryland Visit

I’ve already mentioned this a few times, but to open this story I will say it again: AVAST doesn’t pay for any advertising. Our user base is growing and the word-of-mouth advertising from users is just priceless.

But here is the downside: not being busy creating advertising campaign leaves the marketing department with quite an amount of spare time on our hands. Therefore, we welcome any distraction that brings a change into the otherwise monotone flow of time. Two weeks ago – sorry I was too busy to cover this story sooner – we had a visit from Loyola University of Maryland.

Roughly 20 MBA students and faculty were – I quote – “visiting leading companies in the region to learn about the companies’ strategies to successfully approach international markets with an innovative business models and unique marketing activities.”

I have to say we had a good discussion with lots of questions and a good time in general. And judging from the responses collected afterwards from the students, they also enjoyed the visit. Here is a sample from the evaluation form:

If you were to select one unforgettable "WOW" moment from the trip what would it be?

Avast! They were outstanding and so was the view from the roof deck.

Which academic event(s) and cultural activity(ies) provided you with the most valuable experience? Please specify why.

Avast! they were enthusiastic and informative. Not a dry presentation.

Avast! a company that doesn't market and give away its products for free. And still makes a lot of profit.

Avast!. They have a great Marketing manager that gave a great presentation and shed a lot of light in terms of his strategy for growing a business

Avast! we were able to see first-hand how marketing and operations are critical to company success.

Avast! I learned a lot about the company and the speaker seemed to enjoy his job. Skoda was incredibly interesting as well.


On my part, I’d like to add a thank you to Loyola for coming and I hope to see you again.

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