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September 9th, 2011

Microsoft Re-branding?

For those who have not visited our AVAST office in Prague, I need to explain that we are located south of the historic center in a business-like area with the standard attire:  modern office buildings, couple of ‘skyscrapers’ (well, a Czech version of skyscraper with 27 floors), good restaurants, shopping centers and so on.   Lots of businesses and banks have their headquarters here.  It is really nice.

Among others, Microsoft happens to have its office right in front of our office windows.  Of course we don’t spend our working time staring from the windows – most of the time we are actually staring at Windows – nevertheless, the latest development at the Microsoft building is too big to be missed.  Microsoft is REBRANDING!

The name M-rosoft doesn’t fly off the tongue so easily and the pronunciation will take some time getting used to.  I’m also a bit worried about the legal implications – I checked with the US Patent and Trademark Office records and the new name has not been registered yet.  I think before publicly revealing a new name, it might have been better to register this trademark.

I also wonder what is the rationale behind this whole change.  What is the plan and what are they up to?  I hope the plan is solid and firm – because it was kind of WINDY during the last few weeks in Prague ;)

  • J.R. Guthrie

    I got the URL! I’m gonna sell it t M-rosoft! LOL

  • Norman

    hahaha.. nice article! without disrespect to the devotee of just one. i love avast as I do with microsoft, apple, google, linux, android… peace :)

  • Nancy Dawson


    I noticed that my Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome show up in your WEBREP section of Additional Security.

    I use my MAXTHON web browser more frequently but it is not listed in the WEBREP section. Do you have any security for the MAXTHON webbrowser??


  • Milos Korenko

    Nancy, I’d need to check with the development but I doubt it is in the pipeline to be included. Judging from the share of different browsers that visit our pages – Maxthon has very minor presence among our users.

  • Mot’eb

    hahaha.. nice one!!

    I’ll be in Prague this week.. I hope to see this before they drop a few more letters :p

  • yanto chiang

    Anyway, i had been there twice and i missed the food of restaurant inside of Trinion Building…

    I hope can go there again ,and enjoy Czech Rep. food…

  • http://avast julia shuran

    why does my computer have a red slash thru http when I’m on your site, I thought that meant it isn’t safe?????? YOU should be safe, correct??

  • Gichan

    Accidently my Windows operating system shows the OS name as “M-rosoft Windows” after running the Windows Update.

    :D :D

  • Jeremy Knott


  • spg SCOTT

    More to the point, how do these things fall off and people not notice?
    i.e. Where are the I and C? (That would be one hell of a souvenir)

    On the ground, outside the entrance… ” Huh…where did they come from ”

    @Jeremy Knott haha, Like it ;)

    julia shuran :
    why does my computer have a red slash thru http when I’m on your site, I thought that meant it isn’t safe?????? YOU should be safe, correct??

    Click on the padlock, it explains it.
    Basically there is some non-http content on the page