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avast! Facebook Community Exceeds 300 Thousand

Avast Security Blogger, 16 August 2011

avast! Facebook Community Exceeds 300 Thousand

We are happy to announce that our Facebook fan page for avast! antivirus has reached a whopping 300,000 fans! :)


Contrast this with fewer than 20,000 in August of last year, and you’ll see why we’re so impressed. What is truly amazing about it is not only how quickly the number of fans grew, but also how involved our fans are. We receive a huge amount of feedback from our user communities that is priceless to us. Your comments (even if sometimes critical! :-)) bring fresh ideas and help us to continually improve avast! antivirus solutions. Here’s a big thank you to all our online communities – all over the universe. ;-)


Also, big thanks to avast! Community Manager Julia Szymanska, who makes it all look so easy – even though it's not. ;)