avast! WebRep now in Chrome

avast! WebRep now in Chrome

You've been asking for it... so here it is: As of the latest update to our avast! 6.0 series (earlier this week), avast! WebRep is now available in the Google Chrome browser. ;)


avast! WebRep is based on information received from the global avast! user community related to the content and security of visited websites. When you open your web browser, you will see that all links are accompanied by a color-coded icon that gives you intelligence on how the avast! community has rated that particular domain.

Since the release of avast! 6.0 on 23 February, this feature had been available only in IE and Firefox browsers, but the most recent version of avast! 6.0 included this functionality as well for Chrome.

Surf safely... and enjoy.

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