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April 20th, 2011

avast! WebRep now in Chrome

You’ve been asking for it… so here it is: As of the latest update to our avast! 6.0 series (earlier this week), avast! WebRep is now available in the Google Chrome browser. ;)


Screenshot of WebRep results, for the searched term "warez"

avast! WebRep is based on information received from the global avast! user community related to the content and security of visited websites. When you open your web browser, you will see that all links are accompanied by a color-coded icon that gives you intelligence on how the avast! community has rated that particular domain.

Since the release of avast! 6.0 on 23 February, this feature had been available only in IE and Firefox browsers, but the most recent version of avast! 6.0 included this functionality as well for Chrome.

Surf safely… and enjoy.

  • Ringman

    Will it in Comodo Dragon Browser too?
    It’s based on Chrome.

  • shirley tempted

    jeej, finally in Chrome… have you planned to list the plugin also here: or does the WebRep work only when the avast is installed? Could be marketing tool as well… like “You are using WebRep already, now time for installing avast!” :o))

  • Rui Umbelino

    When will you support Opera browser?


  • Paul Fald

    A fabulous innovation – well done, Avast !

  • Catalin

    The MMORPG game 4Story don’t work with Avast AV installed in my computer. I shut down de AV, but still don’t work.

  • Andy

    Yay, been waiting for this!

  • Jason Mashak

    Try updating your virus database.

  • nmb

    Ringman :
    Will it in Comodo Dragon Browser too?
    It’s based on Chrome.

    Just goto C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\WebRep\Chrome\ and drag the crx into your Chrome based browser. You should see a windows asking you to install it! Also, remember to uninstall and install it again when a new version of avast is released.

  • abdus salam

    I like it most

  • abdus salam


  • abdus salam

    thanks all

  • Dwarden

    It works flawlessly also in Iron by Srware (based on Chromium)
    now Opera pretty please ;)

  • Petar Pank

    WebRep is slowing and freezing my Chrome browser. When i disable it everything is OK.
    Also my friend is having this problem.

  • Jason Mashak

    @Petar Pank
    I’m not sure, as it works perfectly in mine. Try checking our Support Center: or the avast! Forum:

  • Catalin

    @Jason Mashak
    I did that. I put the game on exclusions, but still don’t work. Avast block the game hack sheld and the game don’t start.

  • Jason Mashak

    Sounds like a really bad game :D

    Seriously, though, as I’m not a gamer nor very technically adept (my primary function is communications, so I operate primarily in MS Word), I would suggest you ask someone in the avast! Forum:

  • Theeo123

    I’m not real thrilled about this to be honest.
    I like avast, but I had no real desire for the webtrust plugin, it’s cool don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t interested.

    my real problem is that it was installed, without asking me to be installed, or even notifying me

    I have a strong dislike of anything being installed, especially browser plug-ins, without the users permission.

    Very Not Cool

  • Rafael

    Now in Opera please! hehe

  • Jason Mashak

    For those asking for Opera, please consider that, though we do everything we can to prioritize our users’ requests, Opera is not (yet) a super-high priority. Here is only one (of many) estimates of global web browser usage shares:

    Note that Opera and Safari are still very low in terms of global demand. We realize that this differs according to regions of the world, but we must first think in terms of our GLOBAL community and then prioritize what is most important overall.

    That said, we hope folks are happy with avast! WebRep in IE, Firefox, and now in Chrome. :)

  • bob3160

    Thanks Jason,
    It’s Working without a hitch. Since Chrome has been my default browser for quite some time, I’m also glad to see this task completed.
    I’ll also put in my request for an Opera version despite your last comment. :)

  • WOFall

    I’m hoping you’ll put together an Opera extension too. ~2% may not be much compared to IE/Firefox, or even Chrome, it’s still a lot of heads when you consider the scale of your userbase. I think it’s a high enough share for you to have the extension on your to-do list, if not a priority. Looking at global relevance is also interesting, as my understanding is that avast and Opera tend to be popular in the same markets, both geographically and with more technically passionate (vocal) groups. For instance, Opera has a ~10% hold in the Czech Republic. ;) It’s also worth noting that porting a Chrome extension to Opera is comparatively easy, so if you have one it’s probably worth making the other.

  • Jason Mashak

    In terms of Opera, maybe I get what you mean. Maybe it’s like this… when I knew I was going to have another child, I really wanted a pram (Am. ENG: stroller) with a cup-holder. With my first kid I often took her on long walks through fields and forests (where I’d sometimes see avast! Forum Evangelist “Tech” running among the trees, with the wind in his hair), but I had nowhere to put my beer. The baby couldn’t hold it for me, and the 1-2 times (ok, maybe 3-4) that I tried to prop it up somehow on top, it fell over, making a fun little waterfall for baby… and leaving me thirsty. :(

    A cup-holder on a pram might not seem like it would have much demand, but I made sure that our next pram has one. And, while it was functional, I wasn’t going to get rid of the pram we had before, but when the next baby was coming, we certainly ‘upgraded’. ;)

    Officially, we’re taking your demands for Opera (I’ve always preferred rock concerts myself) into deeper consideration… which means research and PowerPoints and meetings and healthy disagreements between departments… but, ultimately, things will work in your favor – because you’re an avast! user, and we think of you constantly (even when we’re walking the baby).

  • Janis

    I Just disable this avast feature,addon all the time in all browsers. Personally I will prefer to disable it at installation if there will be a that kind chance.

  • Tech

    Indeed, two days ago I was running through the trees. Indeed we think the best for our baby avast boy :)
    I’m thinking what could we expect for our next baby. How would he be? Your creative imagination and security needs push the program much forward we can dream. Increasing support (don’t forget Linux!) is welcoming :)

  • Łukasz

    when in opera add webrep?

  • Robert

    Thx; cause now I don’t have to explain my clients who wants to stay with the IE that they would miss an additional security feature if they are using Chrome instead of the IE.

  • Andy

    Yeah, avast! WebRep slows down and freezes in Google Chrome. I get major lag when browsing Google Reader, when I disabled it everything is much more smoother now.

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    avast the best A*******

  • Airton Gomes

    The AVAST has been good, but lately has descepcionado me, because when you start windows update it always does, even though I set it to only do 26 in 26 hours, another problem is that webrep, expect more of this feature, but only leaves slow navigation. I had to disable the automatic update and webrep.
    My PC before you say it’s a 486, Athlon X2, 4GB with windows 7

  • Trilochan

    Thanx.. It is very help full to me to protect my computer.
    thanx again

  • Ringman

    It’s works Thanks for the guide.

  • Oris WilliamsF1

    Yeah, avast! WebRep slows down and freezes in Google Chrome.

  • 江南夜色

    这是神马,我是中国人 我看不懂英文 非常的郁闷呢~!

  • Mythos

    Excellent idea, may I suggest a category for Scam\Spam in the categories.

    Thanks and regards.

  • Дмитрий

    Where I can download avast web rep plagin for google chrome?

  • http://avast pablo

    donde puedo descargar web rep para google crome tengo la vercion mas vieja de 6.0