150 millionth avast! user registered on Friday!

150 millionth avast! user registered on Friday!

Friday, March 4, 2011, someone installed avast! Free Antivirus and pushed the “Register” button at JUST the right time: to be the 150 millionth registered user!

Good timing indeed!

“LEGAC ********” – that is her registration name and, yes, judging from her full name, our celebrity registration is a lady – knew she pushed the register button at just the right time because, immediately after her registration, our system sent an email to “LEGAC ********”, to inform her that she won a pretty nice price: an expense-paid trip to Prague for two… including airplane tickets, hotel accommodation, and $2,000 spending money. From my experience… that amount of cash will get you really far in Prague. ;)

So congratulations “LEGAC ********” and hope to see you soon in Prague!


BTW, exactly what does “just right time” mean?

“Ruth S. **********” from USA was only 0.03 of a second too early and “mar****” from Mexico was 0.113 of a second too late.

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