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February 11th, 2011

Incredible India


The world is getting smaller. At least that’s how the saying goes, and in many ways this is true. This, however, was not at the forefront of my or my colleague Vojtas’ mind after travelling for more than half a day to visit AVAST Software partner iYogi in Delhi, India, this week.

Any preconceptions we may have had about visiting Asia (for Vojta, a first) were quick swept aside when we reached our hotel.  Immediately the extraordinarily high level of customer service started to be displayed, and continued to be displayed throughout our whole visit – not just in the hotel but in each of the places we visited. Further, it was awe-inspiring to get a chance to first-hand embrace the ‘buzz’ of the developing technological world.

Which leads me nicely on to my role in avast!, that is, customer service.  Expecting this trip to be solely about us teaching iYogi about our new product (avast! version 6) and about working together to ensure customers get the best possible experience when contacting us, this wasn’t simply the case as it reminded us of something else, too – that customer service not be taken for granted and that it should operate on every level and in every department – something we work hard to maintain as an ethos here at AVAST.

With armed guards and many, many security checkpoints, a visit to India forms a nice simile to avast! antivirus products which also offer this multi-layered, intense and fool-proof protection.  Though perhaps without the guns, wry smiles or uniforms!

To summarize our trip would not give fair praise to each person and place that we encountered – but one thing is for certain, with high speed networks to rival those of Europe and North America, and  with this type of communication and appreciation for customers, the world actually is getting smaller.

– Adam Riley, avast! customer relations specialist

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  • Ankur @

    i hope you like India… good to see Avast penetrating more there :)

  • Zuzka

    Interesting blog post ;-) Thank you for sharing your experience in India.

  • Ashley Mathew Thomas

    I simply felt great reading this… coz I happen to work for Iyogi supporting AVAST customers

  • Suman Kumar Dutta

    Great to hear that. Hope your stay in India should be good.

  • Shreevishal

    Nice comments. Sir.. thanks waiting for the avast 6.0 to take off

  • HackToHell

    Thank You Adam.

  • Muhammad Kauser Alam

    I hope you like Bangladesh too.

  • Muhammad Kauser Alam

    I hope you like Bangladesh too and do something for us.

  • AJS

    avast que bien por ustedes los felicito
    por cierto en este sitio web vontine una graqn cantidad de virus a la vent y otros son gratuitos para ver si usedes pueden hacer algo al respecto a parte e mejorar la dettecion de los virus de avsat en su vps

    ese es un sitio web que en si publican son solo virus y qe el mismo en su publicidad son sitios que conllevan a fraudes entre otros

    y por cierto como haria yo para enviar unas muestras de virus para ustedes archivos que realmente son sospechosos para que por favor ustedes analizen dichas muestras y asi poder ayudar a mejorar a avast aun mas ya que para mi en realiad se trata de virus y posiblemente de nuevos malware

  • john doe

    this is because you are whites, you came from the west and you landed in premium 5 star hotels and dealt with the creamy layer of indians.

    sadly, a very very large majority of indians don’t have that high level of physical protection, the customer service for most products is a perverse joke, and high speed networks exist only in a fraction of this country’s area.

    in short, Mr. Vojta’s apprehensions were very correct, you guys were just lucky, and rich, to have seen the better india.

    source: i’m indian