Spy shots of the new avast! 6.0

Spy shots of the new avast! 6.0

The new avast! 6.0 was spotted at the Prague Café Imperial this Thursday.

The “Additional Protection” features in the 6.0 version are more difficult to photograph than the art deco ceramics in this historic Prague hotel.

Other pictures of the new 6.0 are available here. Or, go to the 'About Us' tab on the avast.com homepage and click on 'Media materials'.

The new version of avast! antivirus program is at an early beta stage, currently going through a barrage of tests to uncover any potential issues and bugs. According to AVAST sources, a near-complete beta suitable for reviews should be released by mid-February. AVAST has not given a specific release date for 6.0.

All three versions of the beta 6.0 can be downloaded now at the avast! Forum. However, developers stress that this is a test version and should not be used for antivirus protection.

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