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September 14th, 2009

Avast by the numbers

It has been a while since I have posted—we have been very busy moving into a new building, getting the new products out in beta form, and handling our first ever reseller meeting. But, thought it might be interesting to share some numbers:

  • Number of free users—between 80 and 93 million. We have 93 million registered users and about 80 million of them have updated their virus definitions recently. Both numbers are of course huge. We think this is the 1st or 2nd largest security user base in the world.
  • Number of pirated users—a while back we saw that we had 14 million pirated copies of Avast! Professional in use. We started notifying the users asking them to either pay or downgrade to the free product…..Hopefully none of you readers received such a message.
  • Amount of malware we block—1 billion a month. Last week I saw a press release from the largest traditional security company. The central point in the first paragraph was that they had blocked 245 million pieces of malware a month. 245 million seems big and readers may have been impressed. But it is tiny compared to 1 billion. Of course we have many, many more users than them….and maybe we even find more malware….
  • On any given day, 1 out of 15 of our users encounters at least one piece of malware.
  • How many unique pieces of malware do we block? There is no way of knowing. We have about 2.1 million detections built into our product. But a single detection may detect many, many pieces of malware.
  • We roll out nearly 3,000 new detections a day—most of them are done automatically.
  • We have about 90 staff—so 1 staff member for every 1 million users. Everything in the company is highly automated which allows us to support massive numbers of free users without much cost.
  • How large the Version 5 rollout will be—we will be rolling out over 3 petabytes of data during the upgrade. To understand what a petabyte is: According to that link, 50 petabytes is the entire written works of humankind from the beginning of recorded history and 1.5 petabytes is the size of the 10 billion photos stored on Facebook.
  • Yanto Chiang

    Hi Vince,

    Good for you as the new comer to re-structure again ALWIL and lead ALWIL more step ahead.
    Waiting for the next improvement and good news from ALWIL.

    Yanto Chiang

  • shirley tempted

    interesting numbers you should go more public with them!!

  • spg SCOTT

    I am definitely not surprised how many people are using avast! – why wouldn’t you? :)

    What I still can’t get my head around, is how very few of you there are, with such a good company/product, you instantly expect MANY more…

    >3 Petabytes…WOW that’s a LOT

    Keep up the good work :)


  • Julian Evans

    I’m assuming there is no pattern to which country is using the most pirated copies? That would be an interesting statistic along with country by country figures.

  • vlk

    @Julian Evans
    We do have a breakdown by countries but it brings now surprises, really. The countries you’d expect to see on the top are, indeed, on the top… :-)

  • Julian Evans

    I think I can guess the countries :) Thanks VLK.

  • Cahya

    I only can guess one or two country(s) :D

    Well, Avast always been favorite for a lot of people.

  • http://c miguel


  • khang trieu huy

    This is one of the best antivirus software worlds
    I hope that the presence of enterprises at the beginning of Vietnam, vietnamese people can use the product

  • hpguru

    Thank you for this inofrmation. Avast = Best.

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  • Heather

    Cool information…how many of your users are paid?

  • Vincent Steckler

    Heather, if it were close to the number that are pirated, we would be very happy. It is still relatively small but growing fast. We have focused on the free product and ensuring it is the best.

  • Heather

    Thanks for the response….just found this blog today….love it.

    Seems like all the freewrae vendors have a hard time getting their free customers to pay for the premium product…only about 2%? How about a detailed blog outlining the differences between free and premium product? Maybe you can even convince me to pay for your product…hahaha.

  • Vincent Steckler

    Well Heather, I suspect if you decided to use our product your employer, Symantec might not appreciate it. I am glad you like our blog but using a Symantec IP address to post comments to it is probably not the best thing to do.

    SYMANTEC CORPORATION SYMANTEC83-58-176 (NET-12-155-58-176-1) –

  • hpguru

    @Vincent Steckler
    Hah, Symantec :D No thanks. Avast.

  • Yanto Chiang

    Hi Cahya,

    Are you come from Indonesia, Yogyakarta?

    Yanto Chiang

  • Tashi

    Dear Avast team, don’t you think you should give away 6 months of license key as promo/free offer for Avast Pro edition for millions of users world wide just like the Kaspersky and other paid antivirus counter parts..If you have any such offer..i’ll be glad to carry ur name.

  • Yanto Chiang

    Hi Tashi,

    I don’t think other brands will give you 6 months trial license key, unless your company is one brands vendor or partner.
    Because so far that i knew, avast had been gave 60 days / 2 months trial longer than other brands i ever knew.

    Actually, to carry some brands back to your personality whether your feel convenience with the product or not at your country.

    Hopefully Tashi could carry avast as well, since avast on growth their marketing way.

    Yanto Chiang

  • Vincent Steckler

    Hello Tashi and Yanto, Kaspersky and others give away a 6 month trial because they have no free product. We give away a complete product free. I think it would be better to ask Kaspersky and others why they don’t do that? They are giving a 3-6 month trial because they want you to use the product and then be faced with a decision in 3-6 months as to paying or being unprotected……

    As Yanto points out, 30 – 90 days is the typical free trial. We have a 60 day free trial of the paid product. Some (such as Symantec) now require a credit card to even download a free trial. Kaspersky at times I have seen do a 6-month for market seeding…..

  • Allan Persad