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March 27th, 2014

How does avast! SafePrice work?

howto2_enQuestion of the week: I am a long time avast! Antivirus user. After a recent update, I was surprised to see something new called SafePrice. I can’t find any information on it. Please explain what it is (and also how to remove it.)

Thanks for asking. We have received some questions and comments regarding the new avast! SafePrice and its functions, so we’ll clarify what SafePrice does and how we protect your data.

SafePrice is a part of the avast! Online Security browser extension. The purpose of this feature is to help you find the best offers among participating trusted shops and to notify you about cheaper offers by displaying a small bar on the top of your browser. This ensures that you do business with trusted vendor sites, and save time by having better offers on products presented to you, rather than searching for them manually.

All personally identifiable information removed in real time

SafePrice communicates data with our server; specifically the products you are searching for, and the URLs of the shopping sites you visit. All personally identifiable information is stripped from this data in real time, as it comes into our servers, so that the data is completely anonymous. We then check for more favorable prices or coupons with our third party partner, Ciuvo. Ciuvo never receives any of our users’ personally identifiable information.

How can I deactivate SafePrice?

When SafePrice is initially installed, you are shown a welcome layer which explains SafePrice’s functions, including how to permanently deactivate it. If you don’t want to receive SafePrice recommendations, you can disable them directly in the settings of the avast! Online Security web browser protection plugin. In the browser plugin’s settings there is a menu where you can remove the check-mark next to SafePrice, permanently deactivating it.

Ask a question

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  • bob3160

    SafePrice has actually been a part of the avast! Online Protection module for a while already.
    I’ve described the features of that module as part of the video that covers the installation of the latest version of avast!

  • Recall2000

    I didn’t install this component. The software updated recently and decided to do so itself. This sort of intrusion is not what I want not need. Goodbye Avast

  • Jimmy

    I think its reasonable at least on the free Avast version. It asked to install on Chrome this morning on my pc, I allowed it only after finding and reading the explanation above however this was not clear from the install prompt in the browser. This should be much clearer ideally. I guess Avast get a referral fee if someone follows the add-on’s suggestion.

  • Jordan Allred

    Seriously sick of avast doing crap like this. The ways which you have effectively infected my clients workstations are so numerous and blatant that, as of this moment, I will not install it again on anything.

    Avast is malware.

  • Corey James

    I’d like to install my foot in Avast’s ass for continuing to do this shit.