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October 9th, 2013

Attempted hack against AVAST

Yesterday, several companies had their websites hijacked by pro-Palestinian hackers. We can confirm that there was also a hacker attempt against the AVAST site – we assume from the same group – but we took immediate steps and therefore were able to contain it.

According to published reports, the hacked companies’ accounts, used to manage their DNS records at their vendor, Network Solutions, have been reset. This allowed the hackers to take control of the websites in question. It’s unlikely that any of the sites that were attacked lost control of any of their own servers, so customer data most likely was not compromised.

“We ourselves received a notification from Network Solutions saying our email had been changed. We knew we had not requested that so we immediately took action and changed our passwords, which protected us,” said Vincent Steckler, AVAST CEO

Stay cyber aware when company accounts get hacked

Hackers have been busy recently– Adobe announced on Thursday that it has been the target of a major security breach in which sensitive and personal data about millions of its customers have been put at risk.

If  you get a notification from an online provider  that your email address or a password was changed – no matter if it’s from your bank, an online shop, or any other online site – and you didn’t request these changes, you need to take steps to protect yourself by immediately changing your passwords for these sites.

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  1. October 9th, 2013 at 15:58 | #1

    We all need to constantly be vigilant. No one is ever 100% safe.
    Always use a secure password and change it often. Always be prepared for an emergency before the emergency happens. This can only be done if you have a backup plan in place so that when the unforeseen happens, you’ll be able to recover from that disaster with a minimal amount of loss.
    Stay safe, be Free. Thanks Avast :)

  2. who_me
    October 9th, 2013 at 22:22 | #2


    Umm great advice, really, but it does not apply to what happened to Netsol and the redirected DNS entries that affected AVG, Avira and Avast

  3. October 11th, 2013 at 16:15 | #3

    @who_me The difference is that Avast maintains it’s own server and the rest depend on someone else. :)

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