Online threats and the World Wide Web

Sander van Hezik Mar 25, 2021 10:27:39 AM

Learn more about how to stay safe online on the World Wide Web

We all know that the internet can be scary sometimes. We all have heard about the new technologies out there that can target us on a daily basis to steal our data; from simple email accounts to identity theft.

Most known ones are bots and spyware! Right?

Unfortunately, there is so much more. And it can be tricky to understand how these attacks work and why hackers want to steal from us.

What can we do to stay safe

Internet safety tips are everywhere. We’ve all heard at least some of these before:

  • Public Wi-Fi? Don’t use it when banking or shopping.
  • Don’t visit websites that you don’t know.
  • Don’t open emails from strangers.
  • Don’t click pop-ups; they might be malware.

What can I do to be safe? Is there a way to make the internet less scary? Especially now that we all have smartphones — tiny computers that fit in the palm of our hands.

How many times have you read an article that was overflowing with intrusive ads? This happens to me all the time.

Google developed the Safe Browsing service to block any website, downloads, and extensions that are known to be dangerous — no more spammy websites or fake applications that steal your data or your identity. Microsoft Edge has followed suit after switching to a Chromium base for their browser.

At Avast, we’ve taken it another step further. In addition to our own Safe Browsing technology, we’ve also created something far more powerful that ensures your safety and privacy, all-in-one.

The virtual Bank Mode in Avast Secure Browser opens an isolated desktop session in Windows while you do your online banking, online shopping, manage your investments and cryptocurrencies, or handle any other type of activity that needs to be protected. It’s a totally private room that ensures no one can record your keystrokes or spy on your transactions.


How do we do that?

Avast Secure Browser’s Bank Mode is a specially designed browser mode, similar to the incognito mode, but much more secure — as secure as a bank vault. When you use Bank Mode, your session is done “behind closed doors,” and no one can see what you are doing. Every Bank Mode session is protected from all malware and tracking software. 

In other words, Bank Mode prevents hackers from seeing what you type so they cannot steal your passwords, credit card numbers, or any other personal data. Problem solved! 

No other browser offers this type of isolated virtual desktop environment that gives you more security to do your online banking, shopping, and any other activity that needs additional security. In order to use Bank Mode, you’ll need to also have Avast Antivirus installed on your device — both the free and premium versions will get the job done.

Bank Mode is just one of the many security tools featured in Avast Secure Browser. Built for privacy by security experts, this is the browser that has your best interests in mind. Make the internet fun again by protecting yourself with security that outsmarts the bad guys. Download Avast Secure Browser for free (note: Bank Mode requires Avast Antivirus which you can download for free here) and experience the difference. You’ll find yourself smiling a lot more.

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