Avast Secure Browser, A Digital Nomad’s Best Friend

Sander van Hezik Dec 13, 2021 12:00:00 AM

Avast Secure Browser is the perfect match for the millions of freedom and privacy-seeking individuals who embrace the digital nomad lifestyle of adventure and simplicity.

Entrepreneurs, writers, affiliate marketers, computer programmers, online customer service reps, and vloggers... What do all of these professions have in common? If you guessed that they all use technology and the internet on a daily basis, and their work can be done from just about anywhere—like a cafe, from home, your local library, or even a foreign country—you’ve hit the nail on the head. Jobs like these which offer the possibility of a nice salary, while not tying you down to one location (hence adventure) have become popular among a growing crowd of freedom-seeking individuals known as “digital nomads”. In fact, according to a 2021 report from MBO Partners, 15.5 million workers in the United States identify as digital nomads. The report goes on to mention that digital nomads are also more likely to be early adopters of technology.

If you consider yourself a digital nomad who relies on a solid internet connection to get business done and you refuse to compromise when it comes to protecting your online privacy, this post was written for you. It is my pleasure to introduce three Avast Secure Browser (ASB) simple, yet powerful security features that won’t interfere with your passion for living the digital nomad lifestyle to its fullest.

Built-in VPN - Free and Unlimited Private Browsing

Standing out from our competitors, Avast Secure Browser for Android, iOS, and Windows comes equipped with a built-in virtual private network (VPN). No need to fire up a separate VPN app to pair with your browser or to check to see if you’re connected. ASB’s VPN is built-in and can be turned on easily, using encryption software to protect your web communications from the likes of hackers, and also preventing third parties, like Internet Service Providers (ISPs), from seeing what sites you visit. As a digital nomad, you know how convenient Wi-Fi hotspots are, but also realize that security and privacy are more than lacking. Well, you don’t need to worry about that when using ASB. We also have over twenty different servers across the world you can connect to, which means a fast connection is always nearby.

Encrypted Media Vault - For Your Eyes Only

Do you need to keep the media on your Android and iOS devices private? Concerned that someone might steal your photos and videos while traveling or working in a public area? We’ve got you covered. Whenever you download media using ASB, that media can go into the encrypted media vault. And the only way your media can be viewed or played is through decryption with ASB’s built-in media players. Having media players built-in removes the need to decrypt the files to view in another app on your device. On your iOS device encryption is provided by the iOS itself, so there's no proprietary encryption method for downloaded files.

In the event your device does get swiped and its contents extracted, having your PIN code set will add an extra layer of security, preventing thieves from viewing the files. What’s more, your PIN code is totally private. While we don’t require users to set a PIN code, we strongly recommend using one. As a final word, we don’t keep your PIN code saved anywhere, so please be sure to write it down (and keep it safe), or memorize it.

Ad Blocker - Go Lean or Go Home

Ads, while sometimes helpful, have a reputation for slowing down your web surfing thus taking up valuable time. Avast Secure Browser for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS blocks ads and trackers by default. This allows you to work more efficiently, cutting down on distractions, and making your browsing experience so much faster. So, if you’re still browsing without an ad blocker and chugging along at a snail’s pace, banish those visual goblins clogging up your digital feng shui.

Reports suggest the digital nomad lifestyle is on the rise, adding millions to their ranks in recent years. Avast believes that all of its users should enjoy a true incognito browsing experience in the easiest and fastest way possible which is why we automatically take care of numerous things like encrypting your web data and media, keeping them safe from prying eyes, and preventing DNS leaks. What it boils down to is simplicity, especially in the case of digital nomads who are frequently on the go, working from a number of places with unsafe internet connections. A trusty privacy browser -- Avast Secure Browser -- is the one tool that digital nomads should be sure to pack when they venture out into the unknown.