Pursuing transparency and accountability for both humans and machines

In his latest post for Avast, Garry Kasparov examines the intersection of privacy, transparency, security, human rights, and institutions in the age of AI.

3 July 2017 min read

Syncing individual privacy to global cybersecurity


While it's wise to guard data from ISPs, authoritarian governments' access to personal info is a far more sinister threat to every global citizen.

22 May 2017 min read

A human upgrade for the digital age


It is our responsibility to find ways to embed human values into today’s technological structures to create the online discourse we want.

20 March 2017 min read

Protecting real trust and truth in a virtual world


It's easy to find any viewpoint on the web. The problem is that often we have no idea who is producing this information or the motivations behind it.

6 March 2017 min read

Trump, Putin, and the dangers of fake news


Information “starvation” under closed regimes prevents informed decision making. A flood of disinformation has similarly harmful effects.

16 January 2017 min read

Tech’s power to promote good or evil depends on who controls it


Tools developed to create, acquire, and distribute data can also be used to gain influence, monitor, and persecute. These uses are two sides of the same coin.

19 December 2016 min read

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A new era for politics and information security


The one irrefutable lesson from Hillary Clinton’s defeat is that modern systems require modern security measures.

11 November 2016 min read