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Online privacy: this is a conversation we all need to have

Data Privacy Day shines a light on just how private your data is, and what you can do about it.

25 January 2018 min read

Three easy steps to stay clear of ransomware in 2018


Learn these three tips to safeguard against this year’s most harmful cyberthreat.

22 January 2018 min read

Optimize for cleaner, faster PC performance

perex__ Three tips to a faster, cleaner computer

Three tips to a faster, cleaner computer

12 January 2018 min read

The password is .... “2o18!_N3w_Y3ar’s_Re$olUt1on”


This simple New Year’s resolution could save you hours—even months—of complication and heartache next year and beyond.

9 January 2018 min read

A much-needed wake-up call: “Sleep Mode” for slow PCs


What was true 20 years ago remains true today: the more you use your PC & the more programs you install, the slower it becomes. Finally, we have the solution.

28 December 2017 min read

Consumers beware: New malware Catelites Bot could be targeting your banking apps

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Protect yourself with these five important tips.

23 December 2017 min read

Visit Avast website

Give the gift of privacy: Avast SecureLine VPN


We’ve added more countries and more servers, just in time for the holidays.

22 December 2017 min read

What Santa might not tell you about connected toys


You’d better watch out! Before you fulfill your kids’ wish list this year, heed these 6 tips.

21 December 2017 min read

Traveler Protection Guide — how to stay safe away from home


Follow these tips to keep evil elves away from your data while you travel.

18 December 2017 min read

6 tips to keep your Android device safe


Learn how to keep your eye out for malicious apps.

30 November 2017 min read

Shop with SafePrice and save


It’s the most wonderful time of the year for shopping, and now, for saving.

24 November 2017 min read

7 tips for the online shopper


Here's how to stay safe when shopping online, during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond.

18 November 2017 min read