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Avast Threat Labs analysis of CCleaner incident

Technical update and ongoing analysis of the APT security incident

21 September 2017 min read

The 5 Vs of big data for machine learning


How Avast uses big data and machine learning to protect you

16 August 2017 min read

Things we have learned about Petna, the Petya-based malware


Avast’s Jakub Kroustek answers open questions about Petna, the Petya-based malware that spread and infected computers around the world

30 June 2017 min read

Petya-based ransomware using EternalBlue to infect computers around the world


Petya-based ransomware is spreading and infecting computers around the world.

27 June 2017 min read

How AI outsmarts cybercriminals

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Far from sci-fi depictions, artificial intelligence – through machine learning algorithms and big data – is key to defusing today's evolving cyberthreats.

15 June 2017 min read

Fighting the new wave of cybercrime

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Defeating today’s – and tomorrow's – cybercriminals requires man and machine to collaborate, intelligently. This is the heart of next-gen cybersecurity.

8 June 2017 min read


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WannaCry update: The worst ransomware outbreak in history


Avast update on WannaCry: who was affected, who was targeted, how to remove it, and more.

16 May 2017 min read

WannaCry ransomware that infected Telefonica and NHS hospitals is spreading aggressively, with over 50,000 attacks so far today


Avast protects you from WannaCry ransomware that infected NHS and Telefonica.

12 May 2017 min read

New ATM fraud makes robbing a bank easier


Innovative and infamous bank fraud groups create new security challenges for banks.

23 March 2017 min read

IoT weaknesses put webcams at risk for attack [infographic]


Cybercrooks could easily watch people in private and public spaces via webcams, stream the video directly to the internet, or turn the device into a bot.

27 February 2017 min read

Misconfigured server reveals Cerber ransomware targets users in Europe, North America


Highly effective Cerber ransomware is spread via phishing emails and demands more than $700 in ransom  

13 January 2017 min read

A new Locky ransomware attack is coming


Based on analysis of past Locky ransomware attacks, experts in the Avast Threat Labs predict that another attack is imminent.

6 January 2017 min read