Threat Research

Investigation of regular high load on unused machines every 7 hours

Regular high load every 7 hours: Finding out how Linux measures load value.

8 November 2016 min read

Hucky ransomware: A Hungarian Locky wannabe


Avast Threat Labs has discovered a new Hungarian ransomware sample that is imitating Locky.

25 October 2016 min read

Malware posing as dual instance app steals users’ Twitter credentials


By installing a piece of newly discovered malware, you can download multiple instances of Twitter’s authentic application on your devices – at a price.

19 October 2016 min read

Inside Petya and Mischa ransomware


The Avast Threat Intelligence team takes a deeper look into the double ransomware, Petya and Mischa.

20 September 2016 min read

Zepto ransomware now introduces new features to better encrypt your files


The Threat Intelligence team takes a closer look at the new Zepto (ransomware) variant.

8 September 2016 min read

The evolution of the Retefe banking Trojan


The Retefe Trojan is now also targeting Smile banking customers. The Trojan has evolved and includes new malicious components.

18 July 2016 min read


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Tools deliver false promises to YouTubers and Gamers


Fake tools, that are actually malicious, promise more YouTube subscribers or gaming coins.

11 July 2016 min read

CyberCapture: Protection against zero-second attacks [infographic]


CyberCapture isolates unknown files in a safe environment and establishes a 2-way communication channel with you and Avast’s team of expert security analysts.

23 June 2016 min read

Retefe banking Trojan targets UK banking customers


Using fake certificates, the Trojan is designed to trick victims into giving up their login credentials and other sensitive information.

22 June 2016 min read

The newest phishing spam: “Security Alert!!!”


A laughable fake Avast alert email tries to harvest email addresses via a spam message and leads to several malicious domains.

9 June 2016 min read

Knock-off FIFA apps on Google Play


Avast Threat Lab found four fake FIFA football apps on the Google Play Store - just in time for the Copa America 2016 soccer tournament.

2 June 2016 min read

Locky ransomware is far from dead


Locky is ransomware targeting PCs in small businesses. Avast detects and protects you from this ransomware. Read more about how it works.

19 May 2016 min read