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Retefe banking Trojan targets UK banking customers

Using fake certificates, the Trojan is designed to trick victims into giving up their login credentials and other sensitive information.

22 June 2016 min read

The newest phishing spam: “Security Alert!!!”


A laughable fake Avast alert email tries to harvest email addresses via a spam message and leads to several malicious domains.

9 June 2016 min read

Knock-off FIFA apps on Google Play


Avast Threat Lab found four fake FIFA football apps on the Google Play Store - just in time for the Copa America 2016 soccer tournament.

2 June 2016 min read

Locky ransomware is far from dead


Locky is ransomware targeting PCs in small businesses. Avast detects and protects you from this ransomware. Read more about how it works.

19 May 2016 min read

Andromeda distributors craft new strategies for attacks


Most of popular botnet Andromeda’s distribution channels have been discovered and analyzed by antivirus vendors.

10 May 2016 min read

Android Banker Trojan preys on credit card information


Most of today’s malware authors create malware for one of two reasons: either to make money or to steal valuable data.

5 May 2016 min read


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New fresh phishing campaign hits Facebook


Cybercriminals are using Facebook’s app platform to display a phishing page under the legitimate Facebook domain and TLS certificate.

3 May 2016 min read

Andromeda under the microscope


Andromeda is one of the longest running and most prevalent malware families to have existed.

6 April 2016 min read

WordPress and Joomla websites get hacked with fake jQuery


Hackers use the popular jQuery JavaScript library to inject malicious code into websites powered by WordPress and Joomla.

30 March 2016 min read

Locky’s JavaScript downloader


Locky is a considerable security threat that is now widely spread.

18 March 2016 min read

A closer look at the Locky ransomware


A deep and technical look into the latest ransomware called Locky.

10 March 2016 min read

In search of the perfect instruction


In search of the perfect instruction

16 February 2016 min read