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Linux flaw puts 80% of Android devices at risk

A vulnerability thought to affect about 1.4 billion Android devices has been uncovered.

17 August 2016 min read

AV-Comparatives test reveals that Avast Free Antivirus detects zero false positives


Avast Free Antivirus 2016 detected zero false positives in the latest Real-World Protection Test by AV-Comparatives.

16 August 2016 min read

The truth behind QuadRooter


Headlines warn that a new Android vulnerability could expose 900 million devices. Find out the truth about QuadRooter, and what you can do to protect yourself.

15 August 2016 min read

Mr. Robot review: eps2.4_m4ster-s1ave.aes


Avast malware analyst Jaromir Horejsi explains how Mr. Robot's fsociety planted a femtocell to hack the FBI.

11 August 2016 min read

How does Avast detect new malware?


To catch the newest malware before it infects your system, Avast Antivirus uses CyberCapture technology, zero-second threat detection for unrecognized files.

10 August 2016 min read

Mr. Robot review: eps2.3_logic_b0mb.hc


Didn't really understand how Elliot plans to hack the FBI in episode eps2.3_logic_b0mb.hc? Avast explains!

4 August 2016 min read

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Avast Free Mac Security scores a perfect 10 in AV-Comparatives‘ Mac Security Test & Review


Avast Free Mac Security had an 100% detection rate on both AV-Comparatives‘ Mac Malware Protection and Windows Malware Detection tests.

29 July 2016 min read

Mr. Robot Review: eps2.2_init1.asec


Avast Senior Malware Analyst, Jaromir Horejsi, explains the tech terms from Mr. Robot's eps2.2_init1.asec

28 July 2016 min read

7 potential explanations behind the DNC email leak


How could a team of hackers have gotten access to DNC emails? Filip Chytry discusses seven potential security gaps that could explain the recent DNC email leak.

26 July 2016 min read

Security threats to watch out for at the 2016 Olympics


Athletes aren’t the only ones training for the Olympics, cybercriminals are also stepping up their game! Avast explains which threats you should watch out for!

25 July 2016 min read

Protect your online banking from hackers


Your online banking and shopping are kept safe and your activities are shielded from tracking when you use Avast's SafeZone Browser in Bank Mode.

23 July 2016 min read

Mr. Robot Review: eps2.1_k3rnel-pan1c.ksd


If you couldn't wrap your head around the latest episode, eps2.1_k3rnel-pan1c.ksd, of Mr. Robot, don't panic -- Avast explains the technical terms.

21 July 2016 min read