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Android Trojan GM Bot is evolving and targeting more than 50 banks worldwide

GM Bot has targeted hundreds of thousands of mobile users in the last quarter.

31 October 2016 min read

DDoS attack on Dyn took down the bulk of the internet on Friday


While you were refreshing tabs and restarting apps, big things were taking place behind the scenes of this notable attack.

24 October 2016 min read

Hacker behind DNC email leaks, US election database hacks arrested in Prague


The alleged hacker supposedly behind the 2016 DNC email leaks, as well as several other attacks on the US, has been arrested in Prague.

19 October 2016 min read

Vladimir Putin embedded in uTorrent binary


Conspiracy theories about Vladimir Putin abound, but Avast Threat Labs team finds another small mystery around the Russian president.

11 October 2016 min read

When ads go bad: Spotify ads served malicious content to free users


Even mainstream platforms like Spotify aren't foolproof against malvertising, as was shown by the provider's recent encounter with malicious ads.

7 October 2016 min read

Could an Internet of Things botnet army threaten the internet?


A botnet comprised of network-connected household devices took down a well known security blog. Does it have the potential to break the internet?

3 October 2016 min read

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Secret Conversations in Messenger now hide chats from Facebook

perex__ Following WhatsApp's transition to encrypted messages, Facebook rolls out Secret Conversations to protect users' privacy.

Following WhatsApp's transition to encrypted messages, Facebook rolls out Secret Conversations to protect users' privacy.

27 September 2016 min read

Virus definition updates for Avast version 4.8 end in 2017


Upgrade to the newest version of Avast for the best protection.

26 September 2016 min read

Avast’s new Call Blocker app helps users avoid unwanted calls


Easily and effectively block unwanted calls from spammers, telemarketers, and even personal phone numbers with Avast Call Blocker.

26 September 2016 min read

Ransomware doesn't sell itself: Marketing malware on the darknet


Avast takes a deeper look into how Petya and Mischa authors market the double ransomware on the darknet

23 September 2016 min read

Mr. Robot review: eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z


Avast reviews the season finale of Mr. Robot, season 2.

22 September 2016 min read

Oktoberfest 2016: How to quickly connect to secure Wi-Fi in Munich


Avast Wi-Fi Finder helps you find Wi-Fi hotspots while traveling.

16 September 2016 min read