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Which IoT device scares me the most?

How safe is your connected car from being cyber-attacked and what should be done to protect it?

29 December 2017 min read

Mr. Robot Review: shutdown -r

Avast summarizes the season three finale of Mr. Robot

21 December 2017 min read

Are you among the 1.4 billion usernames and passwords leaked on the darknet?

New Passwords Guardian feature warns you if a website has been hacked and your account login possibly compromised.

15 December 2017 min read

AV-TEST awards Avast 100% in real-world protection

Independent research lab puts Avast Free Antivirus to the test.

7 December 2017 min read

Avast blocked more than 34 million Monero cryptomining attacks in one day

Malicious Chrome extension attempted to infect tens of millions of users to mine the Monero cryptocurrency.

5 December 2017 min read

Home, sweet, home network

Now that everything’s connected to the internet, how secure is your home network?

1 December 2017 min read

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Mr. Robot Review: eps3.7_dont-delete-me.ko

Avast recaps Mr. Robot episode eps3.7_dont-delete-me.ko and the lessons that can be learned from the episode.

1 December 2017 min read

Yes, Macs are susceptible to ransomware, too

Even Apple products need next-gen cybersecurity.

27 November 2017 min read

Mr. Robot Review: eps3.6_fredrick+tanya.chk

Avast's weekly review of Mr. Robot, season 3, featuring Avast's Director of Threat Intelligence.

23 November 2017 min read

Mr. Robot Review

Avast recaps Mr. Robot episode feat. Michal Salat, director of threat intelligence at Avast.

22 November 2017 min read

Mobile banking Trojan sneaks into Google Play targeting Wells Fargo, Chase and Citibank customers

Malicious mobile BankBot Trojan injected into everyday apps, taking advantage of unknowing users whose banking apps could be compromised

20 November 2017 min read

Attack of the clones: Fighting duplicates with our new Avast Cleanup Pro

File duplicates are a bigger deal than you might think. No worries, Avast Cleanup Pro tracks them down for you.

16 November 2017 min read
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