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Avast Free Antivirus leads the charge

Avast scores high on malware protection while still running very fast

3 November 2017 min read

Mr. Robot Review: eps3.0_power-saver-mode.h

Avast's Jakub Kroustek explains the hacks and terms used in Mr. Robot season 3, episode 4.

2 November 2017 min read

Mr. Robot Review:

Mr. Robot hack references explained by Avast expert and Mr. Robot fan, Jakub Kroustek.

26 October 2017 min read

It’s Rabbit season: BadRabbit ransomware infects airports and subways

Ransomware dubbed “BadRabbit”, based on NotPetya code, spreads.

25 October 2017 min read

WPA2 risks—your top 5 questions answered

With the industry standard for Wi-Fi security now flawed, you need to provide your own protection. Here’s how.

24 October 2017 min read

Mr. Robot Review: Eps3.1_Undo.Gz

Avast Threat Lab lead and malware expert Jakub Kroustek hacks the hacks in episode two of Mr. Robot, Season Three.

20 October 2017 min read

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Three out of five Americans concerned hackers could spy on them via their webcam

Avast solutions help users control who can access their webcam to prevent unwanted spying.

17 October 2017 min read

Mr. Robot review: eps3.0_power-saver-mode.h

Avast explains the hacks and terms mentioned in Mr. Robot: eps3.0_power-saver-mode.h

12 October 2017 min read

Protecting your Mac - the time has come!

Macs have generally been considered safe from cyberthreats, but that is gradually changing. We have a solution.

9 October 2017 min read

Enjoy premium PC security, privacy and performance with Avast Ultimate

It’s here! Our premium bundle of PC security, privacy, and performance products for the person who wants it all without having to juggle it all.

6 October 2017 min read

Additional information regarding the recent CCleaner APT security incident

New analysis from the Avast Threat Labs

25 September 2017 min read

Progress on CCleaner Investigation

Large technology and telecommunications companies were targeted

20 September 2017 min read
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