Mobile Security

Republican National Convention delegates unknowingly use fake Wi-Fi networks

“I vote Trump!” fake Wi-Fi hotspot fools Republican National Convention goers.

19 July 2016 min read

Pokémon Go real-world safety guide


Pokémon Go 'trainers' risk getting minor boo boos to walking off a cliff. This guide will remind you what it's like to move around in the real world.

15 July 2016 min read

Permission to punch the presidential candidates


Whomever your candidate of choice, check your app permissions to see if they are really justified and worth the fun you might enjoy from the app.

6 July 2016 min read

How to get traffic to a fake app on the Google Play Store


Ever wonder how sneaky Android developers get people to install their fake apps? We explain the methods they use to cheat people and fill their wallets.

7 June 2016 min read

Your iPhone6s is not waiting for you – despite what the text message says


Your iPhone6s is not waiting for you – despite what the text message says What’s the deal with these “you won something” texts?

23 May 2016 min read

New feature in Avast Passwords for Android: Fingerprint scanning


Using Avast Passwords, you can rest assured knowing that your sensitive account information is safe and secure.

16 May 2016 min read

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Free up space you didn’t know you had with Avast Cleanup


Even Cleanup needs a cleanup from time to time. We’ve redesigned the app to better suit your needs.

28 April 2016 min read

Avast Battery Saver makes the most of your phone’s battery by stopping unused apps and optimizing device settings


Along with its fresh-faced design, the latest version of Avast Battery Saver is easy to use and more powerful than ever.

26 April 2016 min read

New feature in Avast Wi-Fi Finder: Offline Mode


Avast Wi-Fi Finder's Offline Mode allows you to locate nearby Wi-Fi hotspots even without an Internet connection.

7 April 2016 min read

What WhatsApp’s new end-to-end encryption means for you


WhatsApp’s new end-to-end encryption means that the only people who can read your messages are you and the person that you’re chatting with.

6 April 2016 min read

The evolution of mobile ransomware


Ransomware is a type of malware that locks a device or encrypts the data on it and then demands a ransom payment to unlock the device or to decrypt the data.

5 April 2016 min read

Metaphor exploit: A follow-up to Stagefright that puts millions of Android devices at risk


Nearly a year after the discovery of Stagefright, Metaphor is the most recent exploit of the vulnerability to rear its ugly head.

31 March 2016 min read