Mobile Security

Spyware targets Iranian Android users by abusing messaging app Telegram’s Bot API

While spyware using the Telegram Bot API is limited, it's the first Android Trojan controlled via Telegram’s message-exchange protocol. Avast investigates.

17 July 2017 min read

WannaCry WannaBe targeting Android smartphones


Cybercriminals are using a copycat version of WannaCry ransomware to target Android users in China.

7 June 2017 min read

Avast Mobile Security Pro now includes Avast Anti-Theft


Android owners with Avast Mobile Security can now use remote controls to find lost or stolen phones, and even get a picture of the thief in the process.

11 May 2017 min read

Mobile spyware uses sandbox to avoid antivirus detections


Mobile malware authors are once again trying to circumvent antivirus detections by using a sandbox.

5 April 2017 min read

‘Can you hear me?’ robocalls put consumers on alert [infographic]


Robocallers are intrusive and often illegal. Learn how to stop them.

29 March 2017 min read

Don’t be an IRS phone scam's next victim. Start tax season safe.


Every day between now and April 15 is high season for IRS phone scams. You can block unwanted calls and protect yourself from both annoyance and theft.

9 March 2017 min read

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Secure Wi-Fi is important. But secure IoT is vital.


Using only secure Wi-Fi hotspots will keep you safe. Right? Not in the Internet of Things era, when every device connected to those networks introduces risk.

6 March 2017 min read

Avast Free Mobile Security scores 100% in the latest AV Comparatives mobile test


Avast Mobile Security received 100% in the latest test run by AV-Comparatives on mobile AV products.

3 March 2017 min read

How to protect your Android device from Ghost Push


The Avast Threat Intelligence Team explains Ghost Push and how you can protect yourself.

17 January 2017 min read

These top 10 most performance-draining Android apps might surprise you


We take a look at which apps kill your smartphone's battery, fill up its storage to the brim, and hit your monthly data plan hard.

21 December 2016 min read

Spam alert in iPhone calendars: What are the risks?


Cybercrooks target iPhone users with annoying iCloud calendar spam.

2 December 2016 min read

Popular call blocking apps expose 3 billion users' phone numbers


The mobile phone numbers of politicians, celebrities, and billions of others are available on public databases from popular Caller ID and blocking apps.

25 November 2016 min read