Business Security

Securing the Total Network: Data, Devices, and People

The new Avast Business Managed Workplace enables MSPs to differentiate their business, save money, and win new customers.

26 September 2017 min read

Security for an underserved market: SMBs

Securing IT environments for small and mid-size businesses just got easier with new endpoint protection solutions from Avast.

19 September 2017 min read

One new logo. Infinite possibilities.

Unveiling the Avast business brand. Learn why we created this symbol of our commitment to keeping businesses safe online.

11 September 2017 min read

Introducing Avast Business: Optimized Security for SMBs and Service Providers

We combined the best of both Avast and AVG to create a consolidated set of powerful security solutions and services for businesses.

6 September 2017 min read

A key milestone for SMB

Post AVG acquisition, our new Avast Business portfolio brings the best of both companies together to protect our customers

6 September 2017 min read

Avast helps small business recover from ransomware attack

This is the story of a small business held for ransom by hackers, and how Avast came to the rescue.

1 September 2017 min read
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Avast Arms MSPs For a Security-First Future

Evolving cybercrime calls for an evolved RMM security solution. Meet Managed Workplace 11 and our new Site Security Assessment.

24 August 2017 min read

Avast RMM platform for MSPs now includes security assessment

New AVG Managed Workplace from Avast offers businesses an all-in-one way to identify, communicate and resolve security risks.

31 July 2017 min read

How AI outsmarts cybercriminals

Far from sci-fi depictions, artificial intelligence – through machine learning algorithms and big data – is key to defusing today's evolving cyberthreats.

15 June 2017 min read

Patching could have minimized WannaCry impact, now worst ransomware outbreak in history

WannaCry ransomware, expected to cost up to $4 billion, could have been drastically curtailed with automated patching.

5 June 2017 min read

Cybersecurity Services: Are you getting your money’s worth?

Regular reports from your cybersecurity service provider can confirm the value of the service, as well as identify issues and opportunities to be addressed.

3 April 2017 min read

Why we (still) need World Backup Day

In today’s digital world, protecting your data with regular backups is easy and economical, and critical to your business survival.

31 March 2017 min read
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