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Cybersecurity Services: Are you getting your money’s worth?

Regular reports from your cybersecurity service provider can confirm the value of the service, as well as identify issues and opportunities to be addressed.

3 April 2017 min read

Why we (still) need World Backup Day


In today’s digital world, protecting your data with regular backups is easy and economical, and critical to your business survival.

31 March 2017 min read

After the breach: Putting your cyber house in order


Having detected the penetration of your cybersecurity perimeter, the next step is to resolve the problem and get back into normal operations quickly.

27 March 2017 min read

Partner or perish: Why SMBs need MSPs


At the same time the cybersecurity threatscape is getting scarier, SMBs face even greater pressures with more risks and less resources.

16 March 2017 min read

Cloudy with a chance of malware


The Cloud - private, public and/or hybrid - has many benefits, but security will continue to be an ongoing challenge.

9 March 2017 min read

A cybersecurity primer

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Cybersecurity is a moving target, and security processes, practices, hardware and software must evolve with the technologies, applications and threats.

2 March 2017 min read

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Detection: What you don’t know will hurt you


Detection, the second of the three keys to effective cybersecurity, is essential to identifying existing weaknesses and breaches and having them resolved.

27 February 2017 min read

Targeting SMBs’ threat tolerance concerns


Success in the cybersecurity service business can be enhanced by addressing your SMB prospects’ threat tolerance issues and concerns.

23 February 2017 min read

Prevention: One-third of a healthy cybersecurity regimen


The framework of an effective cybersecurity strategy rests on three pillars - prevention, detection and resolution - and all three are necessary.

17 February 2017 min read

Who you gonna call? CyberThreatBusters!


Facing a growing range of internal and external cyberthreats, and a shortage of skills and resources, SMBs’ best option is to partner with CybSec specialists.

15 February 2017 min read

BYOD: Untrusted at best, compromised at worst


In an increasingly mobile-first world where most devices are personal, you must be the first line of defense protecting critical data from loss or theft.

13 February 2017 min read

Ransomware attacks hotel computer and keycard system


Ransomware attack on hotel holds computer system hostage making reservation and electronic key inaccessible.

1 February 2017 min read