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Avast champions new generation of cybersecurity talent at Cambridge University’s annual hackathon

This exciting event combines the best academic thinking with the practical expertise of the industry to push the boundaries of technology.

19 January 2018 min read

Avast Mobile Security for Android gets a perfect score


Avast Mobile Security for Android gets a perfect score

4 January 2018 min read

Which IoT device scares me the most?


How safe is your connected car from being cyber-attacked and what should be done to protect it?

29 December 2017 min read

A much-needed wake-up call: “Sleep Mode” for slow PCs


What was true 20 years ago remains true today: the more you use your PC & the more programs you install, the slower it becomes. Finally, we have the solution.

28 December 2017 min read

PC Trends Report: Top 7 facts about PCs in 2017

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Gathered from millions of Avast and AVG users and studies worldwide, the Q3 2017 Avast PC Trends Report gives a real-world view on the software and hardware being used today.

19 December 2017 min read

All-new Avast Cleanup Premium: The most powerful PC tuner we’ve ever built


Our twenty-year experience with PC optimization culminates in the new Avast Cleanup Premium—a fully revamped product designed to fix, clean up, & speed up PCs.

19 December 2017 min read

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Avast open-sources its machine-code decompiler


After seven years of development, Avast open-sources its machine-code decompiler for platform-independent analysis of executable files.

12 December 2017 min read

AV-TEST awards Avast 100% in real-world protection


Independent research lab puts Avast Free Antivirus to the test.

7 December 2017 min read

Mr. Robot Review: eps 3.4_runtime-error.r00


Avast’s Threat Lab Team Lead Jakub Kroustek deciphers the terminology, techniques and tools used in the latest episode of Mr. Robot

9 November 2017 min read

New Avast Cleanup Pro: Give your Mac the ultimate “cleanover”


Macs never slow down, never crash, and never get cluttered, right? Wrong. Avast Cleanup Pro for Mac keeps your Mac clean and fresh.

8 November 2017 min read

Kasparov/Vlcek discuss AI and how it can solve real world problems at Web Summit


Avast Security Ambassador Garry Kasparov and Avast CTO & EVP Ondrej Vlcek discuss AI at Lisbon Web Summit

7 November 2017 min read

Avast Free Antivirus leads the charge


Avast scores high on malware protection while still running very fast

3 November 2017 min read