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July 3rd, 2013

Fake Flash Player installer spreads via Twitter and Facebook

Recently we identified a threat which uses Twitter and Facebook to spread. The origin of the infection begins by clicking malicious tweets or Facebook posts.

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June 28th, 2013

What wouldn’t you do #withoutProtection?

wproSuccess of the last Hashtag challenge, available across the social media platforms, convinced us to continue with this idea. This weekend, we want to introduce you to a new one. Utilize the following Hashtag: #withoutProtection” to let everybody know what would you never do #withoutProtection. :)  Would that be: sunbathing, travelling, leaving your kids, or maybe risking to leave your PC #withoutProtection…?:) Be creative, be funny, be free.

We will award in the following category:

  • Most creative/funny comment

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June 19th, 2013

AVAST introduces a new #hashtag weekend challenge

useavastThe Hashtag system, created by Chris Messina in 2007, became Twitter’s trademark. The other social networks, notably Instagram, Google+, and Tumbr followed Twitter’s “Hashtag policy”; however it was still not available on Facebook, until now! Finally, users of the biggest social platform can follow and create conversations across the world, by adding a simple Hashtag symbol (#) before the word.The AVAST Social Media team is very excited about this feature and would like to introduce you to a new #hashtag challenge available across the social media platforms.

Now the fun part: Utilize the following Hashtag: #useAVAST” to let everybody know why you personally recommend our free Antivirus solution. Be creative, be funny, be free.

We will award in two categories:

  • Most creative/funny recommendation
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June 5th, 2013

avast! BeFree photo contest winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the avast! Be Free photo contest. Entrants were asked to submit an original photo interpreting what the Avast slogan “Be Free” means to them. We received everything from brave adventurers jumping out of planes to friends enjoying a day at the carnival to smiling dogs. The winners not only had to gain votes, but had to successfully show the Avast Marketing Department that they knew what it was to be free.

This infographic displays our top 8 winners playing, exploring and enjoying life. We were happy to see so many entrants from Brazil, the United States, and India, but also delighted to hear from fans in places as diverse as Martinique, Kosovo, and Kuwait. Thank you for inviting your friends to participate as well – nearly 93,000 invitations were sent on Facebook.


Thank you for using avast! Antivirus and recommending us to your friends and family. For all the latest news, fun, and contest information, please follow us on FacebookTwitter,  Google+ and Instagram

May 29th, 2013

Twitter introduces a new security feature: login verification

tw_infoUsers of social networks save and share huge amount of data and become a favorite target of potential attacks. Therefore we, at AVAST Software educate You about online security and how to protect your privacy on social media. Check  a new security feature, introduced recently by Twitter.

With a growing amount of new users and increasing numbers to log in, Twitter decided to introduce a new feature. Login verification is another security level, preventing from compromising email phishing schemes, as well as breaching of passwords.

How does it work?

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May 11th, 2013

#avastBeFree: AVAST is looking for its next Photo Contest Winners!

One year ago, Avast launched avast! Free Antivirus for Mac, and celebrated with our first photo contest. The results were outstanding – we received 50,000 photos with “APPLE” as the topic, and  our Facebook page became the 5th fastest growing page worldwide during the first week of the competition!

Your enthusiatic reponse told us that:

  • You are playful
  • You like to compete for nice prizes
  • You love social media and avast 

Enter our new Photo Contest and Win!


We are happy to introduce a new photo contest. This time, however, we leave it up to your creativity. Your assigment is simple: Show us your creativity and visual interpretation of our slogan avast! Be free!

To make it even easier,  this time you can enter not only via Facebook, but also upload your best photo via Twitter and Instagram using the #avastBeFree hashtag.

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March 15th, 2013

We are looking for a Japanese and Brazilian Queen/Kings of AVAST FREEks!

Part time job for a social media agent :) 

Do you blog, comment, respond, post, chat, like, re-tweet, add to circles, pin…? Do you monitor what’s hot on social media in your language? Do you have 2 hours a day that you can fully dedicate to avast! social media? Can you be the eyes and ears of avast! in your country as if your own reputation depended on it?

We seek a highly motivated individual with experience and fanatical passion for blogging, micro-blogging and community participation to simply communicate with avast! followers in your mother tongue. You will help us approach new users in your country, so we can spread avast! Free Antivirus across the globe!

This is a part time position – at least 10 hours a week

That will not happen to you :)



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February 18th, 2013

Does size matter?

They say size doesn’t matter… however, at Twitter it actually does! :) How can you express yourself, knowing that you MUST use no more than 140 characters? How can you tell everything about Avast and still fit within this number? How can you respond to Avast users knowing this limitation? Well, by setting up and communicating daily via our avast! Twitter account, we have accepted this challenge and now we have one for you…  But before we get there, let me tell why you should start following us on Twitter.

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January 18th, 2013

Fans praise avast! on social media

It is a credit to the quality of our Facebook and Twitter fans that so many take the time to write us with appreciation and praise. It is extremely meaningful for us to receive your feedback, positive or negative, but we are especially motivated and thrilled to learn when we are satisfying our customers. Here are some examples of messages we have received lately on social media. Thanks to all who have written to us.

FB 1  FB2





















We invite all our avast! users to join us on Facebook and Twitter.

November 9th, 2012

The Queens of the FREEks aka your avast! social media team

Earlier this week, we announced that Avast teamed up with Socialbakers to create a social media “listening post” for Avast. You may be wondering just who is doing all that listening and responding to your questions, comments, and suggestions. Today we want to introduce you to our two Queens of the FREEks, also known as the avast! social media content and engagement team.

First Responders

Deborah S. is Avast’s U.S. Marketing Manager and Social Media Manager based in our east coast U.S. office. She does much of the blogging for Avast, as well as working closely with her fellow queen, Julia, to build social media into an important communication channel for the company.

Here are some fun facts about Deborah:

  • She is a Master Scuba Diver and once got attacked by a Titan Triggerfish in the Philippines. There are teeth marks on her beanie to prove it!
  • She plays clarinet in a wind band and has performed for Olympic teams, presidents, and Mickey Mouse. ♫
  • She lived in Europe and Asia for many years, and traveled all over the world. Next stop – Nepal!
  • She runs marathons for fitness but mainly so she can eat cookies constantly and not gain weight.
  • Before joining the Avast team, she worked at a successful start-up company that does crowd-sourced website reputation rating.

Julia S. is Avast’s Community Manager based at our headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. Julia worked in different areas of the company before taking the role of community manager. For a few years she did it by herself, learning about social media and working to build and nurture the community.

Here are some fun facts about Julia:

  • She is a fanatic about languages, speaks four and currently studies Brazilian Portuguese! Julia adora Brasil. ♥
  • She loves salsa, and the spirit, mentality and vibe of Latin America.
  • She loves traveling. Sightseeing, history, meeting new cultures, people, testing local food – brings spice into her life. If you have a tip for a next trip, drop her a line on Twitter:
  • She doesn’t run marathons, but she still enjoys eating, so in order to stay fit she must…dance more salsa.
  • Before joining the Avast team, she worked in many different places, supporting herself as a student.

Follow avast! on social media

You can talk to the Queens of the FREEks (our Facebook fans know what that means :-) ), ask questions, make comments, learn about security issues, or just say hello on social media.

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Where in the world?

This wouldn’t be social media if we didn’t try to get you talking. ;-) So here’s a question for you – both Deborah and Julia like to travel. Where in the world do you think they were in these photos? Make your guesses in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.