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September 19th, 2014

Avast, me hearties! Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day!

This day be a jolly day to be a scurvy pirate!


AVAST celebrates International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Celebrate all things pirate by installing a pirate-themed voice for your avast! Antivirus products. Download and install it from our Facebook avast! Voices tab and all yer antivirus alerts will henceforth be in a pirate voice. Go to avast! Voices on our Facebook page and choose Themed>1-pirate.mp3>Download Voice.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day started after syndicated columnist and author,  Dave Barry, mentioned a group of zany guys who liked to talk using pirate lingo. Years earlier, these guys decided to start their own Talk Like a Pirate Day and make it a national holiday on September 19th.  Trouble was, no one knew about it. But in 2002, when Dave Barry wrote about the fledgling holiday, it was a breakout success.

Since the name of our company, AVAST, also means stop or desist, as in “Avast, ye landlubbers!”, it made sense for us to be a part of the celebration.  Jezebel, the Webwench from the Talk Like a Pirate’s Day crew declares,

avast! Antivirus software  is the official AV protection of at least one-quarter of the Talk Like A Pirate Day crew. I installed the pirate voice and I LOVE IT SO MUCH, mate!

So join th’ ruckas this day, ‘n install th’ scurvy pirate voice on ye avast! Antivirus. Like our avast! Facebook page, click the avast! Voices tab and Talk Like a Pirate!

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September 6th, 2012

How can I make avast! quiet?

Question of the week: I love my antivirus, but sometimes I want it to be quiet, like when I’m using my laptop in the school library or in a cafe.  How can I make avast! quiet? How about when I’m playing a game? Can I turn off popups?

We’re glad you’re happy with avast! and that you take us with you to school. There a few options for you. If you want to turn off notifications, go into the main user interface to Settings/Sounds and uncheck Enable avast! sounds. You can turn them all off, or choose specific events, like automatic update, that you want to silence.

An option designed for playing games or when you are giving a presentation and don’t want to be interrupted, is to activate the “Silent/gaming mode” so avast! will run automatically in silent mode when a full-screen application is running. This means your games or other full-screen applications will not be interrupted with annoying popups or other messages. The orange avast! icon located in your computer’s system tray can be used to access this feature without opening the main user interface. Right-click on the avast! icon and a short menu will appear. Click on Silent/gaming mode to turn it on.

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