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June 26th, 2012

Are the days of handwriting numbered?

When was the last time you wrote anything by hand? Did you fill out a form or jot down items on a grocery list? Send a thank you card for your birthday gift? Online stationer Docmail asked 2,000 adults about their handwriting habits, and respondents said that it had been on average 41 days since they wrote anything by hand. It also found that one in three of us has not had cause to write anything “properly” for more than six months. The convenience of typing on a computer keyboard or entering text via a touchscreen is making handwriting obsolete.

Hasn’t the handwriting been on the wall about penmanship for a while now? Even ‘back in the day’ official or formal letters would not have been handwritten, but typed. Schools still teach printing in the first grade, and cursive in the second or third grade, but after that, kids are not required to use it because they master keyboarding (a strange term which replaced the old-fashioned term typing.) Read more…

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