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July 17th, 2013

Anna: Russian Princess of the FREEks

image3Anna Shirokova has joined the AVAST Social media team along with two other Community Managers: Albert Soriano and Anca Elena Amariei to create our A-Team. Anna is a native Russian speaker, living in Prague. When I met her for the first time, Anna was constantly busy with her mobile updating statuses across social media, I thought: She could be the one.  With her creative spirit and great technical background, Anna became a perfect candidate to join our FREEking great Social Media team, to grow, engage and manage AVAST communities for the Russian market. Russian users: You can be looking forward to a first hand AVAST Russian experience. Анна Добро пожаловать в AVAST

How did you learn that AVAST was looking for new Queens / Kings of the FREEks, and what  turns you on about social media? Read more…

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July 16th, 2013

Albert: Spanish Prince of the FREEks


Albert Soriano, our new Spanish community manager, joins Russian manager Anna Shirokova  and French manager Anca Elena Amariei, to form the A-Team! Albert has an interest in social media and new technology, plus he’s a long-time AVAST user – a perfect combination for a Prince of the FREEks. He’s a university student studying Multimedia engineering and somehow he still finds time to write articles about video games and new technology for a Spanish digital magazine called Ñ We are happy to welcome Albert to AVAST.

How did you learn that AVAST was looking for new Queens / Kings of the FREEks, and what convinced you to apply for this role?
Curiously, I learned that AVAST was looking for some new Queens/Kings of the FREEks through Twitter. I saw a tweet from AVAST offering a job as part of the social media team and I said: “¿Why not? I spend a lot of time on social networks and I love technology so that’s a perfect job for me! “ And here I am! :-) Read more…

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November 9th, 2012

The Queens of the FREEks aka your avast! social media team

Earlier this week, we announced that Avast teamed up with Socialbakers to create a social media “listening post” for Avast. You may be wondering just who is doing all that listening and responding to your questions, comments, and suggestions. Today we want to introduce you to our two Queens of the FREEks, also known as the avast! social media content and engagement team.

First Responders

Deborah S. is Avast’s U.S. Marketing Manager and Social Media Manager based in our east coast U.S. office. She does much of the blogging for Avast, as well as working closely with her fellow queen, Julia, to build social media into an important communication channel for the company.

Here are some fun facts about Deborah:

  • She is a Master Scuba Diver and once got attacked by a Titan Triggerfish in the Philippines. There are teeth marks on her beanie to prove it!
  • She plays clarinet in a wind band and has performed for Olympic teams, presidents, and Mickey Mouse. ♫
  • She lived in Europe and Asia for many years, and traveled all over the world. Next stop – Nepal!
  • She runs marathons for fitness but mainly so she can eat cookies constantly and not gain weight.
  • Before joining the Avast team, she worked at a successful start-up company that does crowd-sourced website reputation rating.

Julia S. is Avast’s Community Manager based at our headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. Julia worked in different areas of the company before taking the role of community manager. For a few years she did it by herself, learning about social media and working to build and nurture the community.

Here are some fun facts about Julia:

  • She is a fanatic about languages, speaks four and currently studies Brazilian Portuguese! Julia adora Brasil. ♥
  • She loves salsa, and the spirit, mentality and vibe of Latin America.
  • She loves traveling. Sightseeing, history, meeting new cultures, people, testing local food – brings spice into her life. If you have a tip for a next trip, drop her a line on Twitter:
  • She doesn’t run marathons, but she still enjoys eating, so in order to stay fit she must…dance more salsa.
  • Before joining the Avast team, she worked in many different places, supporting herself as a student.

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Where in the world?

This wouldn’t be social media if we didn’t try to get you talking. ;-) So here’s a question for you – both Deborah and Julia like to travel. Where in the world do you think they were in these photos? Make your guesses in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.