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SMB Security Assessment provides powerful tool for today’s MSPs

Ryan Vallee, 2 January 2018

Managed Workplace now offers network and site security assessment in one RMM.



In the ongoing battle against SMB security threats, security assessments are a critical tool in IT service portfolios. Effective, easy-to-use assessment tools can add new value by providing a way to continually identify and resolve security issues across client sites while also showing exactly how you are protecting clients and continuing to keep their businesses safe.  

In July, we introduced site security assessments to our Managed Workplace remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform, giving service providers the ability to assess client sites across several security categories, generate an aggregated security score, and create targeted assessment reports. Through the assessment report, you can show your clients the risks tied to the security score and how the security services you’re deploying are continually improving their overall score. This is a powerful tool in any security service portfolio and our channel partners have already shared their progress using the security assessment.

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We haven’t stopped there. This month, we released the network security assessment feature in Managed Workplace as well as other security enhancements.

Check out the highlights from this release:

    • User Account Control: This prevents malicious software from installing without a notification. When the User Account Control is set to “on,” users will be notified before any changes that require administrator-level permission are made to their device.
    • Wi-Fi Network Assessment: This feature evaluates all Wi-Fi networks that users have connected to in the last seven days, including networks that users have opted to ‘Connect Automatically’.
    • Authentication and Encryption: You can test whether a network uses open authentication and the types of authentication and encryption used.
    • Passwords: You can test and rank password complexity.
  • New Network Security Assessment: We added a new network security assessment category that enables you to also evaluate the security of your clients’ networks through these features:

    • History of Reports: You can now track the history of your security assessment scores on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as well as track trends with these scores.
    • Customization of Reports: Our site security assessment already includes the Site Security Detailed Report, Site Security Report, and Site Security Summary, which report on overall site security. Now you can customize each one to report on individual security categories or multiple ones in the same report. These categories now include:

      • Network Security
      • Antivirus Security
      • Patch Security
      • User Security
  • Updated Security Dashboard:  You can now access a visual format of your site security assessments and customize directly from your security dashboard, including:

    • Customize the length of time the graph covers and whether the history is tracked in days, weeks, or months.
    • Track improvements in your security assessment score with color-coded category boxes.
    • Show security trends in your networks across a set period of time and prescribe actions to improve their security posture.


Adding security assessment to your service portfolio is one more way to stay ahead of the ever-increasing security requirements of SMBs. At the same time, it provides a tool to upsell new services, drive customer loyalty, and increase sales. Find out more about Managed Workplace and our security assessment.  Or learn more about becoming an Avast Business channel partner.