Avast security news wrap-up

Deborah Salmi, Nov 30, 2016 3:03:41 PM

See the most popular Avast blogs from the last month about security and privacy issues, attacks on cyberspace, mobile security, social media, and new products.


Get your Avast update on hot topics like WhatsApp privacy, hacks on WordPress and Joomla, Android exploits, and more.

Woman using WhatsAppWhat WhatsApp’s new end-to-end encryption means for you

The popular messaging app, WhatsApp, has improved its privacy by encrypting all the messages that are sent with their service. We explain what this means to you and how to make sure you and your friends benefit from the higher security standards.

Fake JQuery script infects WordPress and JoomlaWordPress and Joomla websites get hacked with fake jQuery

Hackers are using the popular JavaScript library, JQuery, to inject fake jQuery script into the head section of CMS websites powered by WordPress and Joomla. We show what it looks like, what it does, which regions are targeted, and what to do if you have already been hacked.

Android-StageFright-ExploitMetaphor exploit: A follow-up to Stagefright that puts millions of Android devices at risk

Android devices are at risk from the successor to the dreaded Stagefright vulnerability, Metaphor. We explain how social engineering is used to lure victims into infecting their Android with malware, and how you can steer clear of the exploit.

How to stanDollarphotoclub_96381930_1-104218-edited-1-526972-edited.jpgd up against cyberbullying on Facebook?

We’ve all seen stories in the news about kids being bullied online. Unfortunately, it’s still a problem, so we wrote a guide that explains what to do if you are a victim of bullying on Facebook. Steps you can take range from controlling your profile better to unfriending or blocking the bully to reporting abusive content.

Searching for free WiFi hotspotsNew feature in Avast Wi-Fi Finder: Offline Mode

Lots of people will be traveling when school gets out, so the Avast Mobile team introduced a new helpful feature just in time. The Offline mode of Avast Wi-Fi Finder helps you find safe, free hotspots wherever you are - in advance!  Learn how to save your data plan and roaming fees and stay secure at the same time.


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