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Mark your summer calendar for these IT and channel events

Erik Preisser, 20 June 2018

ChannelCon, IT Security & Technology, ASCII, and more: Stop by our booth!




Our Avast Business team will be back on the road this month and next, showcasing our products and meeting channel partners.  Could watching a product demo transform your business?

Ask the team at Mark III Systems.  The company wasn’t looking for a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform when they walked the exhibition floor at Ingram Cloud Summit a few years ago. Flash to today and they have been using Avast Business Managed Workplace ever since, using the RMM to provide a holistic approach to measuring security, and ongoing monitoring and management for their security practice. Says Chris Bogan at Mark III Systems, “We literally tripped over Managed Workplace at the Ingram Cloud event and we immediately saw its potential for our user base. We don’t sell anything until our engineers sign on so after our team thoroughly tested it for 6-9 months, we were happy with the results and started deploying it.”

From ChannelCon to the IT Security & Technology Conference series and more, see firsthand how managed service providers are using our Avast Business products to provide proactive security programs to their clients and at the same time, build their own businesses through recurring revenue and stronger customer relationships.

Join us at these June & July events:

June 21, 2018

IT Security & Technology Conference 2018

Munich, Germany

June 26, 2018

IT Security & Technology Conference 2018

Cologne, Germany

June 27, 2018

ASCII IT SMB Success Summit

Ann Arbor, Michigan

July 3, 2018

IT Security & Technology Conference 2018

Hamburg, Germany

July 4-5, 2018

Synaxon IT Security Camp 2018

Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany

July 5, 2018

IT Security & Technology Conference 2018

Frankfurt, Germany

July 25, 2018

ASCII IT SMB Success Summit

Charlotte, North Carolina

July 31, 2018

ChannelCon 2018

Washington DC

Make plans to stop by these events and you may soon be securing new business as Mark III Systems did!