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JETenterprises UK Ltd eases GDPR compliance process with Managed Workplace

Tim Wilkinson, 22 August 2018

Streamlines the compliance process and increases efficiencies using the Managed Workplace RMM

The Company

Based in Waltham Abbey on the borders of Hertfordshire and London, JETenterprises UK Ltd has been providing IT and managed security services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout London, Essex, and Hertfordshire since 2003.

“We’re focused on helping small companies build their business, and we take a solutions-based approach as opposed to just pushing products,” explains owner and founder Jeff Towerzey. “We assess clients’ security needs and respond with comprehensive programs that deliver strong protection and services that set each business up for success going forward.”

The Challenge

Cyber Essentials and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have presented new challenges for Jeff and his team.

Cyber Essentials, a UK government-backed cybersecurity standard, has set out certain criteria intended to help organizations protect against cyberattacks. These security requirements are mandatory for large enterprises and any company working with the UK government.

The GDPR, affecting the entire European Union, required businesses to put specific data protections in place by May 2018 and continue to meet GDPR compliance moving forward.

Says Jeff, “Most of our clients do not require Cyber Essentials certification, but we believe it makes good business sense to put this in place now, as we saw it as a way to help manage GDPR compliance. The certification helps companies pursue new business, compete effectively, and qualify for certain incentives. Gaining certification also improves a company’s security posture and sends a clear message that they take security seriously.

“Our biggest challenge has been finding efficient ways to certify our clients for one level or both levels of Cyber Essentials, as well as prepare them for ongoing GDPR compliance. We need to ensure our clients’ systems and applications are all up to scratch and updated regularly. Audits need to be scheduled within specific timeframes to ensure all standards are met, and all paperwork must be in place for each client site.”

The Solution

Four years ago, Jeff switched from LogMeIn to Avast Business Managed Workplace. He relies on the solution’s real-time monitoring and alerting, patch management, premium remote control, and standardized service plans, as well as the integrated Antivirus Pro Plus for data, device, and identity protection. The site and network security assessment is also a daily tool for his team. For smaller companies, Jeff uses Avast Business CloudCare. He has also added NOC and Help Desk services to provide 24/7 support for specific clients.

According to Jeff, Managed Workplace has been critical for completing Cyber Essential certifications and ensuring clients comply with GDPR. “With Cyber Essentials, we have a lot of ground to cover very quickly, and without an efficient and automated way to assess, monitor, and secure each site, the task would be nearly impossible. We also need to ensure clients meet GDPR requirements on an ongoing basis. Managed Workplace provides the ultimate solution for this.

“For example, the majority of the data we need comes from the Managed Workplace RMM platform as well as the security services and the ability to automate deployment. Using the security assessment, we can quickly see how much of a job we have for each client site. We can perform the security assessment and from that data see where patching or other services are needed, and then generate a regime to get clients up to standard.”

The Results

“Managed Workplace is enabling us to standardize on one unified platform for our managed security services and provides a complete view of our clients’ security health,” Jeff explains, reporting that Managed Workplace has also afforded his team the following efficiencies:

  • 100% automated security compliance process for Cyber Essentials and GDPR using the Managed Workplace RMM platform
  • 75% less time required to assess security health for each client site using the Managed Workplace site and network security assessment
  • 85% of client base now receiving standardized delivery of managed security services, with goal of 100% by year end

“Managed Workplace is the platform we are using for nearly everything we do,” Jeff concludes. “The cost is so reasonable that it just makes sense to use it for every client.”

If your company is looking for a smarter solution, and you’d like to sample the tools that Jeff and his team use to deliver high-quality remote security and support services to their clients, download a demo of Managed Workplace RMM and experience the difference.