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Headed to South Korea for the Olympics? Pack your internet savvy

Charlotte Empey, 5 February 2018

Amp up your cyber safety and security during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics with these tips.

As the gargantuan crowd gathers in South Korea for the XXIII Winter Olympic games, the whole world will be watching. Of course, just like any large, multi-national event, there will be security concerns and challenges. According to US government officials, the US has been laying the groundwork for physical security in PyeongChang for nearly two years.

While heightened on-the-ground security measures will certainly aid in protecting athletes, attendees, and diplomats from physical harm, what about the threats “in the cloud” … or “over the network”? In short, what about your cybersecurity and cyber safety? Turns out there’s still plenty to do—and things YOU, not your government, must do—to protect yourself.

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The good news is that these tips and suggestions are nothing you haven’t heard before. At Avast, we’ve been singing this song for years, and will continue to reprise it every chance we can. It’s our everyday mission to protect your digital life.

Read our Traveler Protection Guide, which outlines several measures you can take before you even board your plane, some critical steps you should take while on the road, and our three best tools to keep you protected any time you travel the information superhighway. (Spoiler alert: The tools are an antivirus, a password manager, and a VPN - download your free VPN trial.)

US-CERT has also issued an alert to remind travelers to be aware of cybersecurity risks. The organization’s post includes several great resources that outline tips to help keep you protected while traveling not just to PyeongChang but anywhere on this planet.

Enjoy the Games starting this week - February 9th - and stay safe!