DIS Computers benefits from switch to Managed Workplace

Toby Nangle, 21 September 2018

Improves security detection, reduces technician time, and increases efficiency thanks to Managed Workplace.

The Company

Located between Cleveland and Akron, Richfield-based DIS Computers has been providing IT and security services for small businesses and enterprises in northeast Ohio for more than 27 years. With 90% of its business dedicated to managed services, Founder and President Robert Najjar says the company’s success is largely due to the team’s passion for customer service.

“Our customer retention rate is 99.9%,” says Robert. “And this reflects our focus on doing everything we can for our customers and building long-term relationships. With the competition in our market, this also says a lot about the quality of service we provide and our ongoing commitment.”

The Challenge

Because of new security threats, Robert had to reevaluate his priorities and service approach. “In the past, protecting client sites against viruses and putting strong antivirus in place were the highest priorities. Today, if you miss one Windows update or a user clicks on a suspicious file or link, an entire network can be infected with ransomware.”

He adds, “Security assessments and monitoring have become more critical than ever, in addition to spending more time helping clients understand and prevent security risks. We continually need access to advanced but easy-to-use tools to help us identify security issues before they become problems. This is our top priority.”

The Solution     

Robert recently switched from a competitive remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution to Avast Business Managed Workplace.  

He explains, “Seven years ago, we started using a RMM solution to help us automate updates for software programs and applications on remote computers. To this day, my team still doesn’t know how to fully use the previous solution. It was too complex and not intuitive. Each task required a lot of clicks. And with the learning curve, we simply couldn’t access the accurate data to do our jobs. Also, we risked missing critical software updates.”

Through Managed Workplace’s easy-to-use interface and usability, Robert quickly discovered new features and capabilities that could deliver maximum protection and drive efficiencies for his team.  “With Managed Workplace, my team is able to easily figure things out with just a click,” he praises. “We can see all of the policies and other critical details about clients’ networks and sites. We can quickly go to a category like Patch Management and scroll down to Reports and see a list of Windows updates that are either needed or have been applied to a group of computers. We can create rules for each client scenario and put scripts in place that automate our work. For example, we used to update Adobe manually for each client site and now, through a simple script feature, we are saving hours of work.”

Robert also uses the RMM’s assessment tool. “Using the security assessment, I can see my clients’ level of patch or user security and access all the details. When we see a low score for a site, we can really drill down and figure out whether it’s a patch or user or network security issue and ultimately resolve it.”

The Results

“Managed Workplace has been a big improvement from our previous RMM solution,” admits Robert. “The dashboard is so intuitive and easy-to-use that everyone on my team can access and use all of its capabilities. In just our first week using the solution, we were working much more efficiently and having the conversations with clients that lead to better security, service quality, and new business.”

Some of the benefits Robert and his team enjoy include:

  • Ability to detect security issues improved by more than 60% once the DIS team began using the Managed Workplace security assessment tool
  • 110 hours of saved technician time thanks to Managed Workplace automation, patching, reporting, and alerting capabilities
  • In the first 60 days, overall efficiency in monitoring and deploying security services increased by 30% 

Robert and his team make use of the better visibility they now have across all their client sites, as well as the Managed Workplace tools that let them show clients exactly where protection is needed and why. “This gives us the ability to work smarter,” says Robert, “while continuing to maintain very high standards for service and support.”

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