Business Security

Zobrio views Managed Workplace as multi-faceted diamond for managed security

Toby Nangle, 22 May 2018

Platform’s RMM features help reduce security issues, drive new client programs, and win new business.

The Customer

Headquartered in St. Louis, with satellite offices in Illinois and Massachusetts, Zobrio delivers financial software, network infrastructure, and managed services to more than 650 local government, nonprofit, and business clients.

John Quatto, Zobrio’s Channel Partner Manager who oversees the company’s managed services business, explains the company’s unique differentiation: “Our familiarity with financial software and ERP solutions, along with our proactive approach to managed services, gives us a market advantage. Many of our financial services customers also have network and security needs in addition to the comprehensive fund accounting and cash management software we provide. This gives us the opportunity to deliver new services and build strong client relationships.”

The Challenge

A long-time AVG-Avast channel partner, John and his team have seen a new security landscape emerge. “Our challenge today is being proactive in securing customers with the strategies, tools, and programs to address any risks and security issues before they become problems. We need maximum visibility into every customer’s IT environment, so we can quickly assess needs, deliver effective solutions, and help them plan for the future.

The Solution

After using Managed Workplace for ten years, John believes the remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution is more critical today than ever before, particularly in regards to mitigating ongoing cyberthreats and workplace security risks. John and his team are constantly finding new value from the automatic network discovery and monitoring functionality, real-time alerting, and other RMM features.

“Like a diamond,” says John, “we see Managed Workplace offering different facets. The solution provides complete data and information about our clients’ entire software and hardware environments. We can also track equipment warranty status, date of build, and time of day spikes in CPU and memory usage on clients’ computers. All of this enables us to assess new needs and develop new service programs.

“Ransomware is a hot topic among our clients,” he continues. “And we responded with a multi-layered security program we call Ransomware Diffusion that offers business-grade antivirus, firewall, backup, antispam, and monitoring. The majority of our security layers in this new program are features delivered through Managed Workplace.”

Zobrio’s Network Equipment Replacement Program is another new service. “We use the data monitoring and inventory management capabilities of Managed Workplace to track things like location, type and number of computers, warranty status, length of time for service contracts, and more,” explains John. “By showing customers these details, we can help them plan and budget to avoid falling into what we call the ‘IT blackhole’ and needing to replace everything at once.”

For Zobrio’s local government clients, John and his team are able to provide city managers a picture of the entire IT environment, reducing dependencies on individual department heads to report this. “It quickly takes politics out of it. Now it’s an objective service delivered and reported through Managed Workplace. We give them the confidence that we are taking care of their security needs.”

The Results

“Using Managed Workplace, we are fixing issues before the customer knows they exist. This enables us to prove our worth and show clients they are getting amazing service. In one quarterly status meeting, we shared that 6,000 incidents were reported, 95 percent of which we had taken care of within the hour,” John happily states. This proactive approach to security has caused other potential clients to stand up and notice, making Zobrio a sought-after solution for managed services.

With Managed Workplace as its RMM platform, Zobrio has enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Reduced 80% of security issues among client base in 2017
  • Ability to resolve 55% of new incidents within one hour
  • Added new Ransomware Diffusion and Network Equipment Replacement Programs to managed services portfolio
  • Increased new business by 14% in 2017

“We have a real success story to tell,” John shares. “Using Managed Workplace, we have seen a drastic reduction in client issues. We’re addressing the problems before they call us.”

To experience the same business-booming efficiencies as Zobrio, check out Avast Managed Workplace and enjoy the confidence that comes with having the world’s largest cybersecurity network as your RMM platform.