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Mr. Robot Review: eps3.7_dont-delete-me.ko

Stefanie Smith, 1 December 2017

Avast recaps Mr. Robot episode eps3.7_dont-delete-me.ko and the lessons that can be learned from the episode.


Wednesday’s Mr. Robot episode, eps3.7_dont-delete-me.ko, lacked hacks, but delivered a side of Elliot we we’ve never really seen before, a more compassionate Elliot. The episode’s theme was deletion.

The episode opens similar to, however, this time we see a flashback to Elliot and his dying father, Mr. Alderson. They are at the movie theaters. Elliot is mad at his father and wants to go home. After saying he won’t forgive his dad after Mr. Alderson tries to apologies for not being the best dad, Mr. Alderson falls to the ground. While everyone else huddles around Mr. Alderson to help, Elliot takes his dad’s Mr. Robot jacket and goes to watch a movie.

Back to the future, Elliot reads the news about Trenton and Mobley’s deaths.He starts burning folders related to Trenton and Mobley to CDs, and subsequently deletes the folders from his computer.

Elliot then starts breaking his computer, even microwaving certain parts. This isn’t the first time Elliot’s gone to this extreme, we saw him do this in season one. Darlene refers to this as a wipe down, while Elliot says it’s a routine.

Elliot opens up to Darlene about his struggles with Mr. Robot and comforts her as she expresses her feelings and fears.

We then see Elliot with a drug dealer, referred to as Hard Andy. Elliot is interested in buying morphine, lots of it. Hard Andy becomes a bit suspicious and honestly I was too. I know we have seen Elliot buy drugs physically in the past, but why doesn’t someone like him buy drugs the new school way, via the darknet?

The next visit Elliot makes is to Mobley’s brother, who unfortunately believes the media and wants nothing more to do with his brother, including giving him a proper burial.

Next, Elliot visits Trenton’s family. Unlike Mobley’s brother, Trenton’s father believes his daughter was innocent. Trenton’s younger brother, eavesdrops on their conversation and later follows Elliot to Coney Island.

Just as Elliot contemplates suicide, which would thus delete him from the world, with the bag of morphine pills he purchased from Hard Andy, Trenton’s brother approaches him. He can’t shake Trenton’s curious and innocent brother, who convinces Elliot to take him to the movies. Elliot is, as usual, awkward, but ends up warming up to him, taking on an older brother type of role by taking care of him for the day. The interaction between the two was heartwarming, as Trenton’s younger brother clearly saves Elliot from suicide and even gives him a lollipop, as Elliot had told him he was sick.

The change of events leads Elliot back to Mobley’s brother. Elliot confronts him, threatening to blackmail him into giving Mobley a proper funeral. Elliot tells him he should probably change his corporate email password.

“Using your street address, even if it’s an old one, isn’t the smartest.”

Elliot couldn’t be more right. You should never use information like your address (past or present), family member’s names, or any kind of birth dates when creating passwords. Nowadays, we share so much about ourselves across various social media sites and platforms, that anyone can get their hands on this type of information to use against you. Even Elliot viewed Mobley’s brother’s Facebook in the beginning of the episode, maybe he got the street name from there?

Elliot explains that he hacks everyone, and goes on to explain that he found information in his emails that could get him and his law firm into a low of trouble with the law. Elliot then throws the bag of morphine pills at Mobley’s brother, letting him know that he got them from Mobley’s brother’s handy contacts, Hard Andy.

On a roll to make things right, Elliot visits Angela. Even though Angela doesn’t answer the door, Elliot manages to speak some comforting words to her, by sitting in front of her door and reminiscing about their childhood dreams.

Finally, Elliot goes home and on his way the Mr. Robot jacket finds its way back to him. The episode closes with Elliot receiving the email Trenton’s computer automatically sent out, with the subject line “Don’t delete me”. In his final note from Trenton, she writes to Elliot “I may have found a way to undo the hack”.