Neplacení výživného ať je trestné už po dvou měsících, navrhla TOP 09

Andrej Praženica, 2 червня 2016

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Došlápnout si více na neplatiče výživného navrhla opoziční TOP 09. „Navrhujeme, aby mohli být neplatiči trestně stíháni už po dvou měsících,“ uvedla místopředsedkyně TOP 09 Markéta Adamová. V současnosti je neplacení výživného trestné až po čtyřech měsících.

Avoid the dark corners of the Internet

Kids search for things on the Internet using the same browsers that adults do. They can misspell a word, use a poorly worded search, click on a pop-up or follow an unknown link that can result in accidentally being exposed to pornography or other inappropriate content.

Young kids should not surf the Internet without supervision. Since that’s not always easy to control, you may want to install parental controls for the Internet. Start with your Internet service provider (ISP) and/or check browser settings for content blockers and extensions. Set password protections on your mobile devices (check your smartphone’s settings). You can also set up protection on game consoles and DVD players.

Know what apps your kids use

Young kids use their parents’ smartphones and tablets to go online, making it a simple task to monitor what kinds of apps they use. Always make sure that your child downloads apps from trustworthy app stores like Google Play or iTunes, since third-party stores have less security checkpoints in place. Even reputable app stores can harbor fake apps, so double check before you download.

Also be aware that apps can cost upwards of $10 per installation, so unless you want a surprise on your credit card bill, you should instruct your child to ask permission before installing. Any apps containing banking information or that have credit card information saved to make purchases should be password protected.

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