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August 17th, 2012

AVAST one of few to protect against Microsoft vulnerabilities

According to study by NSS Labs (here),  avast! Internet Security and 3 other security products out of total 13 tested protect users against Microsoft vulnerability withing XML Core Services and against vulnerability in IE 8  (IE8 has approx. 15% share). Both exploits were patched by Microsoft in June and July respectively but users who failed to update are of course at risk.  A good news for avast! Free Antivirus users… you have the same protection against those exploits as users of the paid-for avast! Internet Security suite.

PS:   having everything up-to-date and patched is of course one of the golden stay-secure-rules.

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August 3rd, 2012

Review of Android security: AVAST the best bet

Nice review from of top Android security apps.  And the winner is:  avast! Free Mobile Security!

I love this quote:  “if you do want to go ahead and get an Android security app, Avast is your best bet”.

The author of the review – Simon Hill – is at the end asking a (rhetorical) question that we might introduce a fee for the product. Well, this is certainly not going to happen. avast! Free Mobile Security will continue to be offered loaded with features and for free.  Just priceless ;)

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June 14th, 2012

Symantec wants to snatch .antivirus TLD

You might have noticed the little revolution announced some time back by ICANN with respect to the new unlimited horizons in Top Level Domain registrations. Instead of the standard generic domains (i.e.  .com, .biz, .org, and so on) or country specific domains (such as .uk, .fr, or others), it is possible now to register pretty much anything. For example, www.milos.korenko – which I will certainly not do, because the registration costs is WHOPPING $185,000 plus an extra $25,000 annual fee.

Over 1,900 domains were applied for (a nice $357M business for ICANN ;) and obvious brand names such as Amazon, Apple, or BBC have applied. But I was wondering who from the antivirus industry would apply for generic TLD with their brand name. And as far as I could see, only Symantec came forward with application for .symantec and .norton. But surprise, surprise, aside from their brand names they want  also:



.protection, and (!)


I’m sure they can afford it, but what makes Symantec believe they have the best right to own the .antivirus domain is a little mystery to me.

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February 4th, 2012

AVAST reaches 150 million active users

If you are planning to visit Europe these days or actually live here… get ready for some very cold weather and temperatures much lower than normal.   -37 degrees Celsius is not a temperature to be enjoyed and we have it here in Czech Republic. Well not everywhere – just in the mountains – but even the -20 we are likely to have tomorrow in Prague is calling for some extra defensive measures:  Stay at home. Keep warm. Sip mulled wine. Read a good book. Watch the TV -  or -  get on the internet to chat, browse,  and socialize. Read more…

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January 5th, 2012

AVAST in legal dispute with Apple??? No, just bad grammar!

Several news alerts picked up an article about an “avast! Apptrackr” application that is under attack by the Apple legal team.  Wow! What is going on?!   So just in case you were wondering what is happening or in case you actually read the article yourself, please be assured that it has nothing to do with our AVAST company nor is there any “avast! Apptrackr” product.

This is just an example of poor grammar on the part of the author.  His intent was to use the word “avast” in the old nautical meaning “stop” but he completely sailed past the Harbor of Grammar. I’m not going to link his website to drive any traffic there.  Let me just say that we have contacted him and explained in a polite fashion that he is misleading his readers, but he has refused to clarify his writing.

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December 6th, 2011

avast! Free Mobile Security BETA

Christmas is getting ‘awfully’ close for all the husbands – me included – who still don’t have any gift for their wives (no gift and no idea for one.) Yes, it is only 18 days left – time to panic. Of course, the kids are excited, having no such pressures.   And just like the kids, the other people who are absolutely excited about the fact that Christmas is around the corner are the mobile phone producers.  The fourth quarter of the year is the season to be merry as sales of new devices skyrocket and reach record highs.  Economic crises or not… this year will be no exception.  It is therefore a good time to introduce a security solution that will ensure your new shiny phone is protected. Read more…

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November 3rd, 2011

avast! Server Security according to VB Comparative test: Fast. Ultra-light. Efficient.

Yesterday evening we got the latest results from Virus Bulletin comparative test of over 40 antivirus solutions for Server deployment.   It is the first test of the new business product we launched before summer and it is definitely worth publishing.  AVAST is known for distributing a very good free product – and some competitors look down their noses at us as being only good for home users.  Well, this could change their minds. Read more…

October 19th, 2011

The last frontier – Infected…

I’m not sure if I mentioned this already, but my wife went for a week-long holiday with friends last Friday therefore I’m quite busy babysitting this week, taking care of the kids and household, and, not surprisingly, running out of steam. That is my excuse for just having a very short post today.  But back to the subject:

Do you know what is the ultimate irony in the life of a virus analyst?

This is when he needs some books about coding (actually, a book on subject “language of math”) and the special online shop that deals with this kind of literature is itself infected…   The bug name is “VBS:Obfuscated-gen” and because the site is still infected, I won’t disclose its name. Who knows.  You might get tempted to go look around the site for some math or coding literature.

… and Michal (the victim) thank you for the tip ;)

October 18th, 2011

Are you avast! Free antivirus users? Here is your bottle of champagne.

The first company I worked at was called “CPC”.  Our product portfolio was excellent and the CPC acronym had some historical meaning but we all knew the real meaning was “Charts Producing Company”.  We were making presentations and preparing for presentations all the time.  As I said, the company portfolio was excellent so I didn’t really mind.  Plus it was the first job.  And, I can also say that I have learned something useful there too:  If you present to any audience, it greatly helps if the audience is not sleeping.  I know this is not a profound bit of wisdom, but it really works!

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October 17th, 2011

Up-to-date. Or not?

“AVAST virus database has been updated” is probably the most recognizable part of avast! antivirus for most users.  It is common knowledge that having up-to-date security is important.  Actually having any software up-to-date is important.  Installing the updates and patches can prevent new vulnerability exploits from happening and is as important as having good antivirus installed.   Obvious, isn’t it?  Well, not quite as this statistic shows.

Read more…

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