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April 18th, 2014

avast! Antivirus 2014 – Easter Egg

Every software should have an Easter Egg.  Let me introduce you an Easter Egg in avast! Antivirus 2014…

Slot machine easter egg

Slot machine easter egg


Enjoy this “new feature” if you find it ;)

As it’s a slot machine game then there is of course an unexpected surprise when your score is over 200 points…


You can download avast! Antivirus at links available at

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April 8th, 2014

[2014] April Fools’ Day joke in AVAST – prank for COO and CTO

We prepared a special office equipment for our COO and CTO this year on 1st April. They didn’t expect that we were able to prepare better prank than last year. This year the prank consisted of several stages

  1. office moved to a new location
  2. office filled up with balloons
  3. hints of new office location hidden in different locations in AVAST’s offices


The whole preparation took a lot of hours. But the final state of the offices was worth it…



Ondrej Vlcek’s (COO) office

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December 16th, 2013

AVAR 2013, Chennai, India, trip report

For those of you who have seen this name for the first time, AVAR stands for Association of Anti-Virus Asia Researchers (
This year, the 16th AVAR conference was held in a beautiful city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu, a state in the southern part of India.

This year was particularly successful for Avast. Four researches presented their work in two 40-minutes  sessions. At first, Lukas Hasik (@lukashasik) and Petr Chytil (@chytil) from AVAST’s QA department presented their talk titled “Fast Data Delivery From Clouds – A Strong Weapon In The Anti-Virus Arms Race.” Their talk was a case study which showed to the conference attendees, how cooperation between three of AVAST’s departments – QA, cloud, Virus Lab – helped AVAST to accomplish implementation of the feature, which is nowadays a strong weapon against malware. Thanks to you, our community, Avast can deliver to our users new virus definitions shortly after they are generated.  Lukas and Petr talked about interesting information from all three departments and lessons learned from the implementation process. This talk showed us how communication and cooperation among different people and different departments is important. To find out more about this presentation, see the following link (

In AVAST’s second talk, Jaromir Horejsi (@JaromirHorejsi) and Jan Sirmer, malware researchers from AVAST’s Virus Lab, had a talk called “Korean Banks Under Pressure”, summarizing and extending the blogpost from March this year.

The Asian region shows not only a steady economic growth, but it becomes more and more important for many companies from various branches and  specializations. As for AVAST, the observed growth in cybercriminal activities is particularly important. Jaromir and Jan talked about  a malicious attack, which influenced thousands of South Korean online banking users in the first half of this year. They presented the entire infection chain from the initial hacked and infected website to the last step, where the victim gets harmed.

Both presentations were a great success and generated a lot of positive feedback.

Security conferences are not only about presenting papers, they are about sharing the ideas, making new friendships, and exploring new cultures. People from all over the world  meet together for a couple of days and have a great time together. Below we attach a few photos.



avast! teddy bear enjoyed the conference



 Lukas and Petr answering question after presentation



Jan and Jaromir presenting about attack on Korean Banks

DSC07618teddy enjoying after party

Disclaimer: This report was written by Jaromir Horejsi before we left him in India. Jaromir is traveling around India for next month – let us know in the comments if you meet him…

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November 30th, 2012

Short trip report from AVAR 2012 in Hangzhou, China

AVAR Conference is organized by the Association of anti Virus Asia Researchers (AVAR – every year in a different city in Asia region. This year the conference was held in Hangzhou, China. We sent two proposals for a presentation. And both of them were accepted – “Injecting custom payload into signed Windows executables” by Igor Glucksmann (AVAST) and “Your Every Click Counts (But All the Money Goes to Me)”  by Lukas Hasik & Jan Sirmer. We spent a week in China at this conference at the beginning of November. Let me share a few photos and comments with you.

We reserved a little bit of time to recover from the jet-lag after more than 11 hours on plane to Shanghai. So we had some time to discover a bit of China.

Shanghai view from the Bund


Hangzhou is a very nice city, or at least I really enjoyed the West Lake. And there is no better way to enjoy it more (in China) than on a bike, of course.

West Lake, Hangzhou, China

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January 12th, 2012

Should I join Binary Blood Day?

What is Binary Blood Day? This is a volunteer activity that was started less than a year ago. The idea behind it is simple -the IT guys can help make better world or just give their binary blood
and save a life!

I’m still not absolutely sure if I will manage to join this year. I’m not scared of needles so much (unlike some of my AVAST colleges) however, it would be my first blood donation. Usually my focus has been to keep my personal blood supply intact. 

If you would like to join (or support) us, look at the “official site” – or you can start up the event in your own town. Currently there are six points in the Czech Republic and one in Switzerland.  If you want to join, there are a few things that you should know of before you join. Just check the official pages in your country as the specific conditions may vary:

I’ll most probably join this time. It’s time to add some AVAST “participation” in this project. After all, we spend so much time looking at computer infections, it would be good to make a healthy contribution.  Information about this was first tweeted half year ago – at!/binarybloodday


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January 5th, 2012

Poisoning Google Images – presentation slides from AVAR 2011

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November 11th, 2011

AVAR 2011 [Day 3] –Sandbox is everywhere

The Avar 2011 conference started and unfortunately ended very fast. There were 2 tracks of sessions for 2 days. One of the sessions was our own: “Poisoning Google Images. Analysis of Google Image Poisoning”.



Our presentation went very well and we finished on time. All the presentations had a tight schedule – only 35 minutes. However, it’s good that you have to focus on one problem. Read more…

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November 10th, 2011

AVAR 2011 [Day 2] –Meeting Bruce Lee in Hong Kong

Hello again from Hong Kong. We have little bit of time because our AVAR Conference 2011 presentation starts at 14:45 at the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel so we can share a few pictures with you.

We arrived to Hong Kong a few days before the conference in order to have time to accommodate to a different time zone and weather. We spent this time preparing our presentation, admiring the city, and meeting some interesting people.

As first, we met some android figures in one of the local computer shops.

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November 9th, 2011

AVAR 2011 [Day 1] – the web is not always what you expected

Hello from Hong Kong, the city where the AVAR Conference 2011 is taking place. We, Lukas and Jan, are here to make a presentation on “Google Image poisoning”.

We arrived to Hong Kong on Monday after a long flight from Prague. From the moment we got off the plane we knew that Hong Kong is completely different from what we are used to in Prague. Not only is the weather different – winter in Prague but summer in Hong Kong – the cultures are also completely different. I think that it would be unfair to try to compare Asia to Europe, so let’s move on.

completely different from world wide web...

there are different webs...

We were hungry when we got to our hotel and so we went for lunch. The lady at the Wharney Guang Dong hotel recommended us to a dim sum restaurant across the street. Well, I have to admit that it was really good advice. The place was spectacular and the food was delicious. We even ordered something called “duck web”. However, what we received wasn’t a web at all.

As you can see on the picture on the left. Honza (Jan) has a duck leg. It was quite a new experience to both of us, but… where is our web?

OK, let me make a long story short. We have a presentation at the AVAR conference at about Google Image poisoning. And there is a close connection between duck web and the poisoning. But, let me tell you, it’s quite difficult to write an article after midnight when you have jet lag and also after a welcoming drink with all the AVAR members. — So let me just fix the first sentence – there is a close relation between web and Google Image search poisoning attacks but … we’ll tell you more tomorrow after our presentation.

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