Quality not quantity. Spammers you could do hell better than this

Avast Security Blogger, 26 March 2014

Quality not quantity. Spammers you could do hell better than this

Spam_In any line of business – and I guess this is not only common sense but also part of any basic “marketing 101” class – you will learn that it’s important to know WHO your customers are. So I’m surprised that in the spam-sending business the spammers haven’t figured that one out yet. And I mean it. Their customer-understanding, user-insights and target-group-defining in general are just BAD. In fact, it’s so bad that if they don’t get better fast they might just go out of business…

;) OK that’s probably an overstatement peppered with some wishful thinking. But the point is still there. Look at, for example, my junk folder: 200 spam messages during the last hour. That is pretty good incoming volume. Right? But the targeting just sucks! I’m in my mid-40s and working in an IT company so I could give credit for the 2 messages from “Pfizer” offering (I suppose) the blue pills for as much as 70% off. Tempting ;)


But the rest? 198 emails in Japanese and Chinese that I neither speak nor understand. Spammers, you are not going to get rich by starting with 1% targeting accuracy. When you factor in the Click-Through-Rate and Acceptance Rate, your overall conversion will be really bad.



So work on it! Here are some tips how to reach me:

- Please, Czech or English only. I could handle a bit of elementary French, but that’s it.

- I’m chocolate addicted. Known fact. 70% dark Lindt is what I’m looking for. Not 70% off Pfizer.


Btw. I can’t really promise my anti-spam filter will allow me to see it, though.

Just sayin’… ;)

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