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AVAST expands its SMB portfolio.

Julia Szymańska, 30 January 2014

AVAST expands its SMB portfolio.

Text written in cooperation with Magdalena Kuberacka

AVAST Software is a well known brand thanks to its multi awarded avast! Free Antivirus. However, AVAST is much more than just a great free antivirus solution you probably use on your home computer. Our avast! Business Solutions present portfolio of products designed especially for the Small and Medium Business and offered both online and through our advanced network of business partners representing our brand locally.

AVAST expanded its SMB portfolio and products compatibility.

Starting from January, avast! Endpoint Protection compatibility now includes full support for all Microsoft Windows versions from Windows XP through Windows 8.1. This means that small and mid-sized businesses don't have to compromise on security, while using a mix of older PCs with the latest Windows tablets, touchscreens and convertible Windows 8.1 devices.

The avast! Business Solutions portfolio has recently expanded to include avast! SecureLine VPN, providing safe public hot-spot connection. This solution is both conveniently packaged and favorably priced, from 5 PCs and up, to fit the needs of small and medium businesses. This solution is offered exclusively via AVAST Business partners.

avast! SecureLine VPN protects users against compromising their data, while connecting to the unsecured open WiFi hotspots.

Hackers target public hot spots, where it’s easy to follow every move that users of the Wi-Fi connection make, allowing them to access emails, passwords, documents, and browsing behavior ~ Commented Vincent Steckler Chief Executive Officer of AVAST Software

For SMB it is especially important that remote workers and traveling employees don't share sensitive business-related information via public Wi-Fi. AVAST’s business customers can activate avast! SecureLine VPN for Windows.

Unfortunately hacking isn't a complicated process – there are tools available online that anyone can easily use to steal personal data. We created avast! SecureLine VPN to allow users to browse the web anonymously and safely, especially while using open Wi-Fi. ~ says Ondrej Vlcek, Chief Technology Officer at AVAST.

Offer your traveling customers avast! SecureLine VPN.

IMG-private-browsingThe avast! Business Solutions portfolio has expanded to include avast! SecureLine VPN, which is both conveniently packaged and favorably priced, from 5 PCs and up.

What is SecureLine VPN?

avast! SecureLine VPN provides encrypted connection through any open/public Wi-Fi. Public ‘hot spots’ present a major threat to data security. Business travelers, especially, or anyone who needs to secure a public Wi-Fi connection will appreciate the protection this solution provides.

Here are just a few things SecureLine VPN does to make public Wi-Fi browsing saf

  • avast! Secureline VPN is using OpenVPN protocol.
  • The encryption used is 256bit AES.
  • Communication on all ports is encrypted

How to sell SecureLine VPN?

avast! SecureLine VPN is available to customers using the following avast! 2014 products, as a downloadable application (it is not yet offered as a stand-alone product):