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AVAST (teddy) has conquered Brazil!

Julia Szymańska, 7 January 2014

AVAST (teddy) has conquered Brazil!

blogBrazil is the only Portuguese speaking country in both South and Latin America. It is also fifth biggest country in the world, according to its geographical size and in terms of population. Brazilians represent a fascinating ethnic and cultural fusion, influenced by indigenous, European, African, and Asian cultures. With the upcoming World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic games in 2016, Brazil has become a center of interest from the economical and touristic perspective.

For AVAST Software, Brazil is the most important market. An incredible 28 million users (over 10% of entire population!) use avast! Antivirus to protect mobiles, notebooks, PCs, and Mac computers. avast! Free Antivirus is well recognized, popular and a much-loved brand in the country.

For me personally, Brazil was always a country of very friendly people, beautiful language, fantastic music (samba, bossa nova, forro), and fascinating cultural mixture. It was always on my traveling A-list. I finally took the opportunity, and the avast! teddy bear :), and went on my dream trip.

Below is short photo diary from all the gorgeous places, we had a pleasure to visit! I hope it will inspire you to:

a) Start following avast! teddy on Instagram

b) Discover Brazil :)

c) Recommend avast! Antivirus to your friends, as the Brazilians do! :)

We started our tour visiting the most popular site in Rio Corcovado. One of the World's Seven Wonders, Christ the Redeemer was however hiding in the clouds. It didn't prevent our avast! teddy from enjoying it though!


Rio christ

The gorgeous Botanical Garden in Rio hosts thousands of exotic plants and animals. One of them was curious Macaca, who definitely became friends with the avast! teddy!


Brazil has nearly 7,500 km of coastline! It's paradise for water sport, surfers, simply beach lovers, such as avast! teddy itself..

morro de sao Paulo

Pelourinho: Historical center and pearl of the Bahias's capitol, Salvador. With its beautiful colonial architecture, Salvador represents rich Afro-Brazilian tradition.


Last, but not least, from my collection, breath-taking waterfalls of Iguaçu on the border with Argentina!

Foz de Iguaco

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