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August 23rd, 2013

Win a Nexus device from AVAST and Android Police!

Android Police postsm

To celebrate the new version of our top-rated avast! Mobile Security along with the new avast! Mobile Premium, AVAST and Android Police are giving away 9 new Nexus devices. You have one week to enter the contest to win one of these great Android phones or tablets:

Getting your name in the hat is easy – just go to the AVAST/Android Police contest page and answer a simple question:

What do you value most about your phone? 

This can be a tricky question, so here are some examples of good answers:

  • The device itself
  • Photos
  • Contacts
  • Videos
  • Emails
  • Text Messages
  • …etc.

The International Mega Giveaway will run for one week and end at midnight (PST) on August 31st. Visit Android Police now to enter!

How to download avast! Mobile Premium

avast! Mobile Security and avast! Mobile Backup are FREE downloads in the Google Play store and can be used stand-alone as free versions or be upgraded to avast! Mobile Premium for access to all premium features. avast! Mobile Premium is available for $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year. Download and install on your Android device now.

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  • selkie305

    Truthfully? The feature I use most often is using my phone as an alarm clock. It’s lasted way longer than any alarm clock I’ve had in recent years, I can set it for three different times (snooze alarm), and it wakes me up with a song!

  • racras965

    My photos, they are precious to me especially the ones of my dad.. he passed away in 09′ of a sudden massive heart attack.. the photos make me feel as though he is right here with me .. that he never left. Photos just seem like photos but.. they are more . They are memories!!

  • bloodfest007

    the things that a I value of my cellphone is that I can use as a personal assisstant, I can check Email, I can organise my week schedule, share all kind of archives like photos, documents, play games and the most important is keep me in touch with all people that I love using all

  • liranbarel

    I value the most the versatility of my phone – it serves as an mp3 player, a camera, a notebook, a clock, a phone-book and an appointment calendar. Super!

  • RejZoR

    Oh for crying out loud, AndroidPolice has the dumbest way of entring their giveaways. This is the second time i attempted (just that) to enter and all it did was that i re-posted their question as an answer because the stupid interface didn’t allow me to edit it and i though i could do that on the next screen. Which never happened. Just moronic.

  • rowell

    what i value most about my phone is the ability to make communications to my loved ones more easier because of all the features it has..

  • Ishank

    I like my phones alarm and the device itself cause it allows me to wake up and entertain myself with games in class .:D

  • pushp243

    It’s pretty obvious that we can recover photos, contacts, videos, emails and text messages through Avast backup so the most value about my phone is device itself.

  • Fresher

    Ich nutze mein Smartphon als Routenplaner, zum Telefonieren, zum Chatten und gelegentlich auch zum spielen.

  • shadowynne

    I would have to say it’s my calendar. It keeps me where I’m supposed to be (most of the time).

  • ciptech

    The device itself, must work flowly…

  • EQuiNOX1216

    Since my phone is a Samsung Stratosphere with the mandatory upgrade of 2013 I have to say that what I value most about my phone now is how it works so wonderfully holding down my papers when people walk by or there is a breeze. It does this so much better than anything else it ‘thinks’ it can do, including (get this) being a phone. I long for the days when it was actually a valuable and integral part of my life; when I had to carry multiple batteries and portable chargers so it could keep up with me. Way to go, Samsung.

  • Adrian T.

    The device itself. What good is saving everything else if you don’t have a good device to use for media or personal consumption? This applies to the software too; software that cripples a device by using too many resources doesn’t benefit me even if it protects or “improves” my device in “godly” proportions.

  • CristiMCI

    The most valuable thing about my phone is the personal data, like contacts, text messages, credentials from apps and personal photos. Most of it are saved in a cloud backup, but my wish is to have an all-in-one app for everything or most of it.

    Thank you Avast for all the great job you are doing for a safer life.

  • koulvikas2000

    The most valuable thing about my phone is my phone itself. The hardware of the phone should be from a trusted brand integrated with good platform support, where hardware is base of the phone, the software is its life which gives it versatility.