Who are the AVAST Bugbusters?

Julia Szymańska, 6 November 2012

Who are the AVAST Bugbusters?

On October 17, I have received the invitation for the event: Win8 BugHunt. As the only lady invited to this event I felt really flattered. However I had no clue what is this event actually about … :D So I did my “InfoHunt” and this is what I have discovered:

Instead of running a “boring” test on a compatibility between avast! Antivirus and Microsoft® Windows® 8 operating system, Lukáš Hasík (director of QA team*) along with Michal Vaněk (Senior Quality Assurance Engineer) decided to organize a competition. They invited, exclusively selected, eleven AVAST employees to the internal test called Win8 BugHunt. The goal of a test was simple: find as much bugs as possible in the shortest period.

All eleven participants had to install the latest version of Windows® 8 OS and start testing the latest internal built of avast! Free Antivirus. Each participant was given two hours to pass 10 assignments. The idea was to follow a “regular avast! user experience”. I myself decided to participate as a neutral watcher and follow others struggling with their ten tasks, which were following:

  1. Provide a custom installation of avast! Free Antivirus in a trial mode
  2. Install selected browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari)
  3. Test a functionality of a Browser protection: WebRep, SiteCorrect, Phishing
  4. Test Remote Assistance feature
  1. Try and test Scan feature
  2. Customize your avast! Antivirus
  3. Test functionality of different avast! Shields
  4. Insert a License into avast!
  5. Run Safezone/Sandbox
  6. Uninstall

For two hours two rooms were occupied by 11 male, driven by their ego, competing who will be the winner! :D Test was considered as very successful and 10 bugs were discovered and fixed.

Now we are pleased to announce official list of winners of Win8 BugHunt. They were awarded in a following categories:

  • David Jursa awarded as The Best Bugbuster - for discovering the biggest number of bugs
  • Sergej Nikonuk awarded as The Most Creative Bugbuster – for discovering that avast! detected itself as a virus (no worries, it was already fixed :)
  • Sergej Nikonuk awarded also The Toughest Bughbuster - for discovering a black screen, that appeared during installation without any dump file creation

Perhaps in a feature, considering a great opportunities that social media and its technologies offering (such as Hangouts on Goolge+), we will be able to organize BugHunting with a participation of our Community members. Who knows maybe you can be a next the next AVAST Bugbuster?

*QA stands for Quality Assurance– this department is responsible for testing new avast! products before their releases.


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