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October 5th, 2012

Let’s Also Make This Cybersecurity *Policy* Awareness Month

As we have recently mentioned on our blog, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. And I’m sure we will post more to raise awareness of the risks you personally face, the risks to the institutions you do business with, and to the government itself.

Today, though, I want you to start to broaden your outlook on this issue. While you are getting acquainted with new threats like nation-state funded attacks, cyber-terrorism, and hactivism, I’d also ask you to look at some of the things our legislatures have been proposing in the name of cybersecurity. This includes early efforts to protect critical industry sectors our energy grid or banking systems against cyberattack, and requirements that we move beyond passwords when we access Web sites where we perform transactions or access personal data. As all these initiatives come with costs, none have universal support. But some cybersecurity proposals have generated more controversy than others, including: like the SOPA and PIPA bills that coddled the media industry by conflating digital piracy with cybersecurity and whose proposed remedies would have create a regime of censorship, or the federal development and control of a so-called “Internet Kill Switch“.

There will continue to be a lot going on here legislatively, and anything that changes the government’s role in the Internet will affect you as well. So let’s make also do our job as responsible, informed citizens. Let’s make October National Cybersecurity Policy Awareness Month. Let’s get educated, and involved.


  • DoubleAughtCode

    While today’s politics are EXTREMELY business pawned, it is evident we do need futher laws… and Mr. Romney (the other guy is just as guilty on lobbyist measures but he aint tryn to say we need to let em write the rules themselves… that led to SOPA and PIPA.) thinks business are to weighed down, sure but their lobbyist gets around fine.

    These laws should ONLY be mant to protect against those with fraudulent code or product on their site. While it would be nice to say we can just count on Avast! for our security needs, there are things that go by Avast daily (I’d like to let you know what they are unfortuantly Im deling with other things… but I can say my web experience is GREATLY hindered on Facebook as of late), as well as any other security solution.

    What I would like to see get passed is some e-self defense, or laws that allow those with the knowledge to melt a processor when my systems are compromised!!! Think about it, here in the US, if someone comes into your home anbd just starts stealing your banking information, identity information, etc.; you can shoot them where they stand!

    Wouldnt it be nice to be able to ‘remove’ a sucka tryin to hack the 60 year old ladies MAC I take care of? Use code and protocol that normally would violate SEVERAL laws around the world due to someone installing a trojan on your machine?

    Id be one of the happiest folk around and Id start using my own firewall/anti-virus solution with predetermined self-defense actions on stand by!!! No offense, you guys do the best right now, but Id want something that had defense measures programmed into it.


    Off hand – Is Avast EVER going to add phone support again? I had an issue that took two uninstallations, a FULL registry cleaning/defrag, and a disk clean-up. It would be nice for Avast to spend some of that money they are making being number one on some REAL phone support… if your just gonna go all iYogi, or whatever Google displays for ‘fullfilment’, just dont bother. While you are number one, the support we are offered is either thru the ‘cliky’ forum or the ticket system. One is like trying to bring stuff to people who have made teams and friendships with others and may just decide to rudely ‘not invite you to their lil clik’; the other is only frustrtaing due to language barriers, or even simple support staff error in reading a thousand a day.

    In other words, its time Avast do like Iceberg say’s and “Step Yur Game Up”… sometimes one wont be able to ‘safely’ log on to the internet, or not be able to all together, does circumstance like that just mean we are ‘boned’?