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October 5th, 2012

Facebook charging for basic membership?

You ever heard the Peter Allen song “Everything old is new again?” Just like the Stranded Traveler scam that gets tweaked slightly as it makes its way through cyberspace, a recycled Facebook hoax is appearing on walls lately.

Viral status updates claiming that Facebook will start charging membership fees because of the new profile changes may have passed through your wall in the last week or so. The newest  variant is a claim that Facebook is moving to a “price grid” costing as much as $9.99 per month for a “Gold” membership. The message encourages users to copy and paste the message and share with friends before midnight. Other variations warn that your account will be deleted if you do not pay and that your fee will increase, depending on the number of friends you have, messages posted and sent, and pictures/videos/ games put on a user’s page.  The monthly fee will be capped at $50.00 per month at the high-end. Just to be clear – this is a hoax.


When in doubt, throw it out: Links on your Facebook wall, email, tweets, posts, and online advertising are often the way cybercriminals compromise your computer. If it looks suspicious, even if you know the source, it’s best to delete or if appropriate, mark as junk email.

Avast Software is proud to be a champion that supports National Cyber Security Awareness Month with news and tips on how, together, we can make a safer digital society.

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  • DoubleAughtCode

    Yo!!! Something else is going on thru Facebook and I dont have time to nail it down. Somehow, whatever it is made my Avast! not able to update due to ‘broken package’. I had to remove program twice, the first time was like I didnt even uninstall; FULL registry maintanance, along with insuring ALL Avast files/folders were deleted.

    This is the second time this has happened thru same circumstance, the first was a bit over five months or so. I posted some of it to the forums, only to be ran off by those ‘overly confident’ that I could not be infected?!? Regardless, same behaviors to include shutting down my graphics adapter and attempting to lock the driver, webshield not starting til EVERYTHING else is up and running… I ALWAYS aim straight… this time only narrowly stopping having to restart the entire machine.

    It seemed to have to do with Avast registration in my registry (best guess). For some reason, under subscription it didnt have my name and was WAAAY overdue. I know that this isnt the place for support, but its getting pretty silly to use the two options you still have. I would suggest spending some of the money a company aquires being the top dog of their field and hire a US bound phone fulfillment center (only reason a US bound center is US laws that prevent companies from pulling an iYogi)… but hey, just a suggestion.

    OFF TOPIC – is there supposed to be a greyed out ‘BLANK – ALLOW ALL’ entry in my packet filter rules, or have I stumbled upon how they are being allowed thru so easily? I also had Windows Networking In greyed out and allowed; which goes against the packet filter rule specifically to BLOCK Windows HomeNetworking… Im not liking some of this as some of it is OLD NEWS but our ability to get support is SERIOSULY hindered.

    …and I know, you have never seen such activity in the forums and one should report those against forum policy. Been there, done that… ended up being ‘monitored’ for a short time so its pretty evident whats happened on your forum, but its happened on EVERY other forum on the internet so dont feel to bad, just FIX IT.

  • Deborah Salmi

    Hi DAC,
    I’m sorry you didn’t get a better response from members of our forum; usually they are quite helpful. Your questions are a bit complex, so my suggestion would be to submit a support ticket for each topic. You can do that here, It may take 24 hours for them to get back to you, so be patient.

    An alternative is to call our toll free support number between 9AM-12PM EST. +1 866 951 7679. More information can be found on,

    I hope this helps and that you can find answers to your questions. We want you to be satisfied with avast! Antivirus.