Facebook charging for basic membership?

Deborah Salmi, 5 October 2012

Facebook charging for basic membership?

You ever heard the Peter Allen song “Everything old is new again?” Just like the Stranded Traveler scam that gets tweaked slightly as it makes its way through cyberspace, a recycled Facebook hoax is appearing on walls lately.

Viral status updates claiming that Facebook will start charging membership fees because of the new profile changes may have passed through your wall in the last week or so. The newest variant is a claim that Facebook is moving to a “price grid” costing as much as $9.99 per month for a “Gold” membership. The message encourages users to copy and paste the message and share with friends before midnight. Other variations warn that your account will be deleted if you do not pay and that your fee will increase, depending on the number of friends you have, messages posted and sent, and pictures/videos/ games put on a user’s page. The monthly fee will be capped at $50.00 per month at the high-end. Just to be clear - this is a hoax.


When in doubt, throw it out: Links on your Facebook wall, email, tweets, posts, and online advertising are often the way cybercriminals compromise your computer. If it looks suspicious, even if you know the source, it’s best to delete or if appropriate, mark as junk email.

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