avast! HQ gets a visit from a Lord!

Avast Security Blogger, 26 September 2012

avast! HQ gets a visit from a Lord!

Pictured from left: Lord Ami of Estonia, Lady Julia Szymanska of Marketing, Trevor Robinson

This week we welcomed our Estonian translator Lauri Säde to our office in Prague, after a long 24-hour drive from his hometown of Tartu in south-east Estonia.

Estonia, bordering the Baltic sea in north-east Europe, is a country of around 1.3 million inhabitants, of which over 125,000 (nearly 10%) use avast! Antivirus. Thanks to Lauri, over 35,000 of them are now able to use avast! in their native Estonian.

Currently studying production engineering at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Lauri has a keen interest in computers and has been involved in translating a number of security applications. He also has his own website dedicated to online security (www.ekaitse.ee), currently only in Estonian.

Lauri was first involved in translating avast! 5.0 into Estonian, but he had been using avast! for some years prior to that. He was keen to create an Estonian version, although with a wry smile he admits that in the beginning he did not fully realize the scale of the task he was about to start! As all our translators soon discover, to fully localize the program from scratch is a major project and involves far more than simply translating the screen that you see when you first open the program. There are many layers to the program and much of what needs to be translated is not even visible until certain events are triggered. In total there were nearly twenty thousand words to translate, but he stuck to the task and finally the Estonian version was completed. Since then, he has continued to refine and improve the translation, as well as translating the regular program updates.

Lauri has been a registered avast! Forum user (Lord Ami) since August 29, 2009. Thanks to the effort and commitment of Lauri and all our other translators who translate avast! on a voluntary basis in their own time, avast! now speaks over 40 languages and can be downloaded by users in even more countries around the world in their own native language. Together with the avast! CommunityIQ, which enables us to respond to new threats as soon as they appear, this is another example of the close cooperation between avast! and its ever-expanding user community, to provide a better experience for everyone. Thanks to you all.

A full list of all the available languages and the avast! translators can be found on our website, http://www.avast.com/translators

To register your interest in joining the avast! translation community, you can visit our forum and leave a message here: http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=59095.0

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