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August 23rd, 2012

How do I access my avast account, and what can I do there?

Question of the week: How do I access My avast! account, and what can I do there?

The My avast! account was created so you can manage all your avast! software and services from one area. You can enter your account by clicking on the avast! icon in the system tray in the bottom right corner of your computer. This opens the avast! user interface. In the Summary section of the UI, you can see if the device you are using is connected to your My avast! account.  To the right of that is a link to connect, Click this link to log in and connect the device to your account.

Once you are there, you can see all your avast! protected devices in one place. This is quite useful if you have multiple devices like a PC, tablet and mobile phone. The section called Security Info gives you a summary of protection for each device. If your avast! Antivirus license is expiring soon, it will remind you and give you the opportunity to renew.

For those of you with Android phones, your My avast! account provides valuable information related to avast! Anti-Theft. You can change the settings, for example, add a friend’s number to communicate with your phone if it gets stolen, remotely wipe or lock the phone or stealthily send SMS commands. The Locator Map finds the position of the phone, so you can track it.

Check out your My avast! account here,


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  • Tech

    “You can enter your account by clicking on the avast! icon in the system tray in the bottom right corner of your computer.”
    How? I’m with 7.0.1466 and cannot find this context menu entry in the system tray icon…

    Sorry. We need to open the interface and then click in the link… Shame on me.

  • Laczi

    I’m not sure where to post my comment: BUT… I bought Avast Back-up in July or August. It has been backing up my files. Yesterday I had a major computer crash. My son ( a computer tech) arrived and could not fix it, so he wiped my hard drive clean, then did an Achronis back-up from June 2012… computer working, BUT, I needed my back-up files from Avast. Since I didn’t have Avast in June, we downloaded it again, and it insisted in starting a new back-up. We stopped it. We have had 3 computer on-line techs trying to find my 9-3-2012 Avast files. Not able to. Avast Back-up does not let you phone them. I have written them a e-mail about the problem…. so far no response. What good is a back-up program that you can’t get your files from? I have all my stats…liscense, password etc. but no way to get to my 9-3-2012 files.
    anyone have an idea how to get to Avast Back-up techs ?