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July 9th, 2012

Scam Phone call

Scams involving bogus telephone callers tricking users into divulging private information or parting with money for useless software are not new. However, it is worth reminding people of how the crooks are updating their tricks to better protect the innocent.

We received some emails from our users telling us that they spoke with some guy from ‘Microsoft’ who called to tell them that their computer is  badly infected with malware and need repairs. The ‘Microsoft’ guy convinces the victims to use Ammyy remote administrator software to allow the ‘Microsoft guy’ to  repair the computer. Ammyy remote admin is legitimate non-malicious program but it is a really easy way for scammers to connect to the victims’ computers and convince  them that they are helping.

The crooks then they try to force victims to buy support service. In the first call reported to us they offered a “cheaper” service for only $177.00 plus tax for lifetime support. In the second case, the price had gone up to €300 for 5 years support.

The biggest problem with phone call scams is that the only protection is a common sense. Antivirus can protect against malware from websites and downloads but no software can offer protection when victims allowed access to their computer and are tricked into to paying for fake ‘support & service’.

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  • Spoudason

    I get similar phone calls 2-3 times a week. I let them talk and then explain how I know they are lying and deceiving people. They usually get mad and hang up. Last week I even had the guy call me a fool. How is that for customer service? Thanks for the warning blog.

  • super88

    I’ve had this, the male caller is hard to understand and about all I could understand was “Microsoft” and “repair”. Obvious to me a fraud.
    T C

  • howard

    HI I too have had this the guy is hard to understand and is telling that my computer is infected. Right away I am thinking how do you now that my computer is even infected and the other thing is that their was no name or number on Call display either. I think the guy did say though that he was from Microsoft not sure of that though. But I just hanged up on him and said nothing at all.