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Recommending avast! has its rewards

Deborah Salmi, 5 July 2012

Recommending avast! has its rewards

Our 190 millionth registered avast! user, Julie P. and her friend Steve, were given a free trip to Prague, home base of AVAST Software, in appreciation of Steve’s recommendation. Steve recommended that Julie try avast!, and it turned our better than she expected.

“Since three out of every ten new users come because of a friend, it’s time we also recognize a recommender,” said Vince Steckler, CEO of AVAST Software. “I am pleased we have been able to identify both the 190 millionth registered user and the friend that recommended avast!.”

Julie is a British national living in Spain. She decided to get avast! Free antivirus on the advice of Steve, a helpful retired friend. And when it came time to install avast! on her computer, it was Steve that downloaded and installed it.

“As a recommender and IT helper, people like Stephen have a big impact on AVAST and have helped drive growth last year from 141 million to 189 million registered users,” said Mr. Steckler.

Recommending avast comes naturally and often to Steve. “I’ve probably recommended avast! to at least a dozen friends,” he said. An avast! user for over six years, he describes himself as somewhat knowledgeable, but not a computer geek. He’s the person that gets asked to install games, add hardware, and show friends how to save or send family pictures.

Steve’s own avast! use has been uneventful – and he likes it that way. He likes the daily virus database update notices, and has gotten warning popups about malware and dodgy sites, but never had an infection himself. Removing malware usually requires a house visit to his friends’ computers. “They don't know they have it and then I get a call asking me to go round to their house,” he added. “It's easier that way.”

Even before winning the trip to Prague, helping his friends out with avast! and their IT issues is almost a social event for Steve. “Yes I have been known to have a beer or two while waiting for the machine to restart,” he quipped.

“Friends helping others are what makes avast! work,” said Mr. Steckler. “With Steve and Julie, we have a real example we can highlight.”

You can win for sharing avast! with a friend

You don’t have to wait for the 200 millionth user to win prizes for recommending avast! Free Antivirus. Become our fan on Facebook, and watch for an announcement soon on how you can recommend avast! to your friends and win. We’ll be giving away iPhones, iPods and 1-year licenses to avast! Internet Security as a thank you. Good luck, and thanks to Julie and Steve. We hope you had a great time in Prague.